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In the “News from the machine room” article series, we regularly post content detailing exciting new products and relevant updates to our wide range of offerings. Would you like to try out for yourself what we write about here? Simply create a free account.

Hotplugging Deprecation

As announced earlier, the panel no longer allows you to edit the cores and memory configurations for a running server. To change the configuration, you must first power off the server.

Partner Panel

As part of our efforts to unify our terminology, we’re gradually changing some terms over the coming weeks. For instance, the term account will now be used instead of “contract” or “tenant”. We believe that these changes will improve your user experience and understanding of all the elements used within our product.

Partner API

There is a new /contracts_batch endpoint. Creating an account using this endpoint now uses defaults parameters such as your user uuid, and your partners default location, feature flag list and resource limits. This makes the creation process more simple. The goal is to have an API which works similarly to how the panels are built.

To read more, you can visit the Partner API Documentation.

Help Centre

We’re excited to announce our new Help Centre, soon to be added to the Partner Panel. The Centre is the one-stop shop for all your queries linked to the platform. The Help Centre includes support, status page, documentation, tutorials, FAQs and other helpful information.

If you want to know something specific, there is also a search function by topic or product. Another option is to request support from within the Help Center.

Partners will also soon be able to customise the Help Center for accounts, and be able to link their relevant support details into the panel itself. This way, your accounts can solve their questions and problems more easily.


We’ve released DHCP for private networks! This means that you can now set privately set IPs across your own private networks; panel support for Virtual Switches will follow shortly.

For those not familiar with DHCP, you can read more in our product documentation on how it works or how to get started via the API.

Product Documentation

We’ve expanded the Load Balancer, GSK, Storage and DHCP sections within the documentation.

In the coming months, we will be whitelabeling the documentation for our partners. With this we further improve support from partners to their accounts (tenants). Each partner will then have their own documentation for end customers.

Github Ecosystem

We’ve updated our Terraform provider to v1.12.0, including expansions to the storage resource documentation. The field storage_variant can now specify the type of storage resource. Changing the field will now trigger a Force New event.

Our JS-based API client, gsclient-js, saw an update to v1.2.0 featuring support for the newly released DHCP features along with bringing the API to the latest version.

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