intueat gets ready for German version of “Shark Tank”

Datum: 19.09.2016

I was so happy to learn that we, gridscale, will provide the cloud infrastructure for the startup intueat during “Die Höhle der Löwen” (German “Shark Tank”) . Why? I can only say: The regional start-up connection. 🙂

It was in spring 2015 when I met intueat for the first time. The highly motivated and extremely likeable students Mareike and Marc presented their intuitive weight loss program at the start-up weekend in Düsseldorf, where startups pitched their business idea and worked at their MVP (minimal viable product) in one weekend. Losing weight intuitively? Sounded good to me!

In no time, people in the audience teamed up to support the two students during the weekend in the further development of their idea. During the final presentation – which was held in front of the mayor, the audience and the investor jury – Mareike had such a pleased and relaxed impression, that I was immediately convinced by the founders and the success of their method – therefore I spontaneously signed up for one of their first intueat rounds. My primary aim was not to lose weight, but to learn to listen to my body signals.

And now – lo and behold – the two founders are at the TV broadcast “Die Höhle der Löwen” and can convince an audience of millions in their special way! I bet that the German crowd will be equally impressed by the founders and their idea as I have been.

gridscale supports intueat with Cloud-Infrastructure

In any case, we are very happy to support the intueat team with our cloud infrastructure, as we already did successfully for EVRGREEN with YAY! Digital in August. It is well known that during the TV broadcast of show, there is an extreme run on the websites of the startups due to millions of viewers. The fans of the show are naturally curious about the people behind the idea and about the offered products. Such a sudden rise often causes a collapse of the website infrastructure – a severe loss of trust and monetary value, which may reach a six-digit amount within a few minutes. Fortunately Mareike and Marc were smart enough to prepare well for the day!

We keep our fingers crossed and are looking forward to watching the show tomorrow!!!

*After the DHDL broadcast*

Congratulations to you, Mareike and Marc, for your great performance! We have had the chance to observe your progress and the positive reactions of your customers already – we are convinced you will forge ahead with your energy and your will.

At this point, many thanks again to the YAY! Digital GmbH for conceptualizing the server architecture and taking us on board as reliable hosting partner.


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