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Datum: 06.03.2020

Roadmap 2020 gridscaleBuilding upon a great 2019, we’re excited to be heading into 2020 with full speed. We’re already well underway with the development of our new Backup Center, an improved Marketplace and new Platform Services, and we would like to take this opportunity to let you in on a couple more secrets heading your way.

Talking about secrets, we are very much looking forward to actively communicating with you, to gather early and direct feedback on our new products before they become available to the general public. If you would like to become an early adopter and a gridscale labs user, you can sign up to our laboratory here, where the next steps will follow by email on how you can get your hands on the latest developments.

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Backup Center

Backups can be a difficult thing to get right, and even harder to aggregate into a single, easy to use and safe location. We are offering a backup center which provides multiple functionalities, like rolling back storages, creating new ones – and automatically setting backup defaults for newly created storages. We will also be including PaaS backups and rollbacks – which will be offered shortly after the release of the backup center.


One of the first items we’re working hard on releasing soon this year is our Marketplace that will take this to a completely new level. Until now the Marketplace was only about consuming existing applications. Upon the Marketplaces first release, you’ll be able to create your own applications, which you will then be able to boot up in the same way as our current marketplace. Furthermore we are opening up the visibility of your application to the gridscale universe.

Virtual Locations

In 2020 you’ll be able to boot up a “virtual location” – virtual locations will provide dedicated compute resources to you – not only giving you the maximum power but furthermore a completely segregated environment. This addresses compliance needs as well as the licensing of software required to license the hardware.


As part of our product objective “Partner experience and enablement” for 2020 we will provide some key benefits. We will expose further APIs, such as our Partner API – which our Partner Panel is built on top of – allowing you to programatically interact with your partner, users and tenants, just to name a few. We will fully integrate emails for our partners and their tenants, and allow you to move resources between them.

Audit log & ISO Certification

We take our job seriously, your workloads and data – whether production or not are our top priority. Which is why in the coming months we will undergo the ISO 27001 & ISO 27018 audit to have certified proof of us conforming to industry standards. Detailed audit logs of actions on partner and tenant level complete the picture for projects requiring a maximum of compliance.

Platform Services

Platform Services, which do the heavy lifting, and are fully integrated into our IaaS building blocks are going to see major improvements and additions. We will release multiple new platform services like, Microsoft’s SQL Server, gridscale secure network which provides a VPN-as-a-Service, and Containers-as-a-Service to quickly spawn container workloads that aren’t suitable for our managed kubernetes. On top of that we want to provide the best experience while giving you piece of mind, so clear version upgrades and replication options will be provided.


Any user of our products knows that we go out of our way to reduce complexity. We do this through automation, along with the release of 1-click-storage-cloning in early February comes some more cool features. We are introducing further automation to make your life easier and save further on infrastructure costs. Firewalls will be able to be deactivated for a set period of time for debugging/testing, along with server “on” times – meaning we will turn it off when you don’t need it (which we don’t charge for). We’re also looking forward to improving transparency with smart monitoring, allowing you to set up notification rules according to service availability.

Load Balancers

Last but not least, our load balancers are going to see some well deserved upgrades. We will be working on automation and more advanced features – like being compatible with our managed kubernetes, and also being able to scale horizontally, based on usage metrics and given parameters.

More to come…

All-in-all we’re looking forward to 2020 and what it has to bring, and even more excited to work with our lab users on taking these up-and-coming product items in the right direction. By all means this is not an extensive list, we listed just a snippet of larger releases here to give an insight to our roadmap. If there’s anything you miss or want to make sure we’re focusing on, join the gridscale laboratory- we’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Until next time
gridscale team

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