gridscale presents: Managed Kubernetes

Datum: 15.01.2020

managed Kubernetes jetzt liveWe are proud to inform you today about the publication of our Managed Kubernetes solution. Kubernetes is an open source solution for the automated distribution, scaling and management of containerized applications.

We now provide our customers with a ready-to-use, fully managed Kubernetes environment: secure, automated and guaranteed without vendor lock-in. This enables your developers to concentrate fully on application development.

In addition, the management of your Kubernetes infrastructure is free of charge for you, because, as always with gridscale, you only pay for the resources used.

Advantages of our managed Kubernetes solution

As always, gridscale makes it easy for you to start your clusters. Just a few clicks in the Easy Panel and your Kubernetes infrastructure is live. If you want to delve deeper into the topic or a high degree of customization is necessary, our Expert Panel offers you more detailed setting options.

Here is a brief summary of the specific advantages and features of our Managed Kubernetes solution:

  • Automatic cluster updates
  • Always the latest kubernetes version – including the latest two
  • Automatic cluster backups

Kubernetes Architecture

Managed Kubernetes in the Easy Panel

We offer pre-configured settings in the Easy Panel that enable you to deploy your infrastructure quickly but also individually. We differentiate between workload and performance classes. Depending on the requirements, we give you the option of choosing workloads with a focus on high CPU or high memory in addition to the standard workload settings. As usual, the following performance classes are available within these workload classes.

Our predefined performance cluster sizes are:

  • Standard: 1 Core, 2GB RAM and 30GB Storage
  • High: 2 cores, 4GB RAM and 64GB Storage
  • Insane: 4 Cores 8GB RAM and 128GB Storage
  • Ultra 2: 8 Cores, 64GB RAM and 256GB Storage

Managed Kubernetes im Expert Panel

Our Expert Panel offers you significantly more setting options and flexibility compared to the Easy Panel. In addition to the definable settings in the Easy Panel, you can also determine the performance of each worker node (cpu/ram) and the quantity. You can also freely determine the size and speed of your storage, as well as the quantity.
Kubernetes gridscale Expert Panel

Kubernetes certificate management

We want to make your cluster as secure as possible. That is why we only grant access to your cluster when it is necessary. We also keep the life of your kubeconfig short and provide you with a client with which you can easily manage your cluster certificate rotation via a command line.

Technology at it’s best

With the gridscale Managed Kubernetes we offer you the latest orchestration technology with the usual advantages that you are used to from gridscale. That means no vendor lock-in, intuitive operation via our panel and minute-by-minute billing of your resources. All of this, of course, as always in our German data centers, with German data protection.

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