Managed Hybrid Cloud

Innovation instead of stagnation. With the Hybrid Core, your data centers become private or hybrid clouds in a flash and thus the center of your hyperconverged cloud architecture. 100% virtualized, freely scalable, unified management. Take the step forward now. The Hybrid Core provides the necessary modernization boost and at the same time opens up completely new opportunities for your business as a service supplier and cloud provider.

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Hybrid Cloud

Advantages at a glance

Tech refresh for your legacy IT
The Hybrid Core software stack transforms your hardware and legacy IT into an integrated control center for any on-demand resources from the private, public or hybrid cloud. Complete accountability through gridscale included. Give your apps and workloads freedom and agility!

Best-of-Breed Cloud Deployments
Complicated and isolated was yesterday – today’s IT is an intelligent resource pool. You orchestrate compute power, storage and container workloads as virtual building blocks via the gridscale panel. Onsite as well as in the public cloud. Precisely tailored resources wherever you need them!

Turnkey plug-and-play
Setting up and managing your hyperconverged infrastructure is easier than you think: Click, Install, GO. Your hardware has turned into software. Our automation takes care of the rest. Move your data center to the cloud or become a cloud provider yourself as our partner in the gridscale ecosystem!

New agility for your data

Mobile work, smart services and sophisticated enterprise IT? Changing IT operating models, market requirements and customer demands?

Companies and data centers, as well as system houses and IT service providers, are facing major challenges and a huge modernization push. Rigid server structures and monolithic IT architectures have had their day; traditional hosting and old-fashioned IT operations are uneconomical and no longer accepted. gridscale’s Managed Hybrid Cloud provides the necessary innovation boost on your path to digital transformation.

The Hybrid Core transfers your existing IT into a modern cloud infrastructure. Live operation in the public cloud and local backup on-prem? Hybrid data center concepts or high availability scenarios? Cloudification of existing legacy IT and becoming a public cloud provider yourself with your own data center? Everything is possible for you in the future and only a few clicks away!

More information about our partner models for digital agencies, system houses and IT service providers can also be found here.

The Managed Hybrid Cloud in action

»Our customers use the new Thomas-Krenn Cloud and are just as enthusiastic as we are!«

»With gridscale as our technology partner, we can offer our customers precisely the services they need to digitize their offerings.«

Managed Hybrid Cloud at a glance

Turnkey full-stack software for hyperconverged IT

Database High compatibility with commodity hardware

Uniform administration via central software

Predefined deployment, workflow and automation features

Cloud-native architectures, microservices and container technologies

Fast deployment without major project effort

Data and application mobility across hybrid environments

Easy handling via drag-drop-click GUI or open API

Load balancing, autoscaling, failover: without interruption

Locally distributed availability zones & multi-site installations

That´s what the press says

Your Hybrid Core – Full Service

You want to take advantage of all the benefits of a hybrid cloud model, but don’t have the right hardware? No problem – we have the right hardware partner so that you can take advantage of all the benefits of the flexible gridscale hybrid cloud without any effort. With the full-service option, you get the right software and hardware provided.

Choose between different terms and save money when you sign up for the 3-year package!

The implementation takes place in cooperation with Thomas-Krenn.AG

Prices have been rounded and may differ from the final price.

1 Year

12.000 €/Month

2 Years

10.800 €/Month

10 %

3 Years

7.800 €/Month

35 %

Your Hybrid Core in your own data center

You’d rather run your hybrid cloud with your own hardware? Perfect – we’ll provide you with the right software and thus convert the existing IT in your data center into a modern cloud infrastructure. Hybrid operating models, dual data center concepts or sophisticated high availability scenarios are just a click away for you in the future!

Prices have been rounded and may differ from the final price.

1 Year

2.500 €/Month

2 Years

2.350 €/Month

6 %

3 Years

2.100 €/Month

16 %

Interest aroused? Just follow the 5 steps to the hybrid cloud:

  1. Have interest in the Hybrid Core (already done!)
  2. Choose your hybrid cloud package
  3. Let’s talk!
  4. gridscale takes care of the implementation, so…
  5. Just lean back! 😎

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