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Infrastructure as Code with Terraform

We introduce: the official Terraform Provider for gridscale!

Our provider for Terraform has recently left the preview phase, as well as the technical review by HashiCorp , behind and is now available as an official provider.

The paradigm Infrastructure as Code has been established in companies for a long time and is by no means new – it is rather that Infrastructure as Code has established itself as a method in times where infrastructure is more cattle than pet and has become a part of the toolbox.

When dealing with Infrastructure as Code one automatically encounters Terraform from HashiCorp. Terraform is the de facto standard to map Infrastructure as Code. Terraform is based on the concept of providers. Providers are plugins that talk to the respective target platform to roll out the infrastructure there and then commission it using a commissioner. So with Terraform you can first create an instance on a cloud platform and then provision it e.g. with Puppet, Chef or Ansible.

With our API First approach at gridscale, our platform is predestined for automation. Step by step we develop further ecosystems with different tools, libraries and SDKs. With our Ruby library fog-gridscale and the Foreman integration we integrate a lifecycle management solution.

Our roadmap for the second quarter includes the release of a libcloud driver. libcloud is a Python library that abstracts access to various cloud providers.

In the Developer section of our website we have summarized the information about Terraform and our other ecosystem integrations.

The development of the gridscale terraform provider takes place on github: