Your Own Data Center in the Cloud

Trust is good, sometimes 100% control is better or even required by law. With our hosted private cloud solutions, you always stay flexible while meeting the highest requirements for security, latency and performance.

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Just for You Just for You

With Virtual Locations you rely on physically separated private cloud servers in one of gridscale`s ISO 27001 certified data centers.
In Germany, in Switzerland, in Europe.

Private, Public, Hybrid Cloud Private, Public, Hybrid Cloud

Sensitive business internals? Strict backup and redundancy requirements? You decide on your IT operation in the gridscale public or private cloud tailored exactly to your needs.

Bring-your-own-license Bring-your-own-license

Virtual Locations and individualized server capacities offer multiple options for your cloud-based IT operation, such as the continous deployment of your existing software licenses.

Hosted Private Cloud: Exclusivity for your IT operations

With Virtual Locations, you benefit from one or more dedicated physical servers in a completely isolated, private environment. Powerful enterprise hardware, intelligent load balancing and 24/7 monitoring guarantee maximum performance and availability of your infrastructure. You focus on your applications and systems, we take care of the rest.

Once created, the compute, storage and network resources of a virtual location can be activated and easily used as part of a hybrid scenario. With gridscale, you can operate IT infrastructure in your own data center as in the public cloud, scaling up and down at any time - or even moving existing workloads between the two worlds.

Top access protection and the strict implementation of your security requirements are our top priorities. If required, we jointly design sophisticated solutions for your private cloud setup and security concept. A wide range of backup and recovery options provide numerous capabilities for your gridscale cross-platform architectures.

gridscale Virtual Locations

Your Private Cloud with just a Single Mouse Click

The configuration and allocation of private cloud resources is done via the same user-friendly panel interfaces that you may already be familiar with from working with the gridscale public cloud. With a simple click of the mouse, you select your appropriate cloud environment and define your requirements for CPU performance, storage capacity and network topology. Our automation routines take care of the rest.

gridscale Virtual Locations at a glance

Exclusive private cloud solutions operated in ISO 27001 certified TIER 3 data center
Physically separated cloud servers in a completely isolated environment
Server management, monitoring and ongoing operation by gridscale experts
Cross-platform private, public and hybrid cloud scenarios

Simple Administration via Centralised Management

With gridscale you are well prepared for any future requirements. Production systems in the public cloud and security backup in your private infrastructure? Interconnection with your internal IT? Fail-over mechanisms across different environments? gridscale enables you to centrally manage your entire cloud infrastructure and thus any operating scenarios that suit you and your company exactly.

gridscale Virtual Locations

A virtual location consists of dedicated physical servers that are exclusively available to customers for the operation of their respective projects, applications and data.

Also for virtual locations, billing for the resources consumed is based on the intensity of use and on a per-minute basis. In addition, gridscale partners can freely specify all cost parameters for their clients and define additional options.

Why wait any longer? Welcome to your gridscale private cloud.

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We have created hundreds of tutorials to get started most easily with building infrastructure with any level of complexity on gridscale. You will also find many more topics in our developer section. Check out more tutorials.