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Our networking technology enables gridscale’s infrastructure components to securely communicate with each other, the internet and on-premise networks. In addition, we have developed smart networking products: Distribute incoming traffic to your virtual machines automatically with our load balancer and determine which network traffic you allow to the inside and outside with our cloud firewall.

Networking Features

Unlimited Freedom

As one of a few IaaS providers we enable you to have complete freedom in interconnecting network components. You can design and build complex networks and define firewall rules with a single click. Our high performance Juniper core switching infrastructure ensures the best performance at its class.

Secure Private Networks

Create as many private networks as you like and connect all your servers through different networks. To ensure a very high level of security in your private environment, we automatically generate a unique encryption key for each private network and encrypt all data on the fly. This means: transmitted data is always kept secret, even if you configure private networks between two datacenters.

Breakout networks

As a reseller you can define secure network zones across your own customers to share backup-services or add some monitoring-service to your customers infrastructure. Secure those network zones through VLANs to ensure that different customers cannot see each other. The gridscale SDN is unique in flexibility, performance and security. Design your own service portfolio based on gridscale technology.

Lowest Latencies Worldwide

gridscale has direct connections to all major upstream providers, including the world's largest internet exchanges AMSIX, DECIX, ECIX, and NL-IX. We also peer directly with providers like Level 3, Vodafone, Telefonica, NetCologne, Deutsche Telekom and China-Telecom.

Genuine failover IP

Failover-IPs are one of the most complex features in a network layer. We don’t provide complex workarounds to allow the assignment of a specific IP from one server to another. With gridscale, we invented a technology that allows you to move IPs between servers without any API requests or other workarounds – simply use the operating system tools (like keepalived or pacemaker) of your choice.

Native IPv4 & IPv6

As gridscale we are one of the first cloud providers that fully supports IPv6. We strongly believe that IPv6 is the Internet Protocol of the future, especially considering IoT. For this reason all modules and components at gridscale are 100% compatible with IPv6. This ensures that any service you deploy with gridscale is future-proof.

Load Balancer

gridscale’s load balancers are fully-managed and enable you to distribute incoming traffic to your virtual machines automatically. You can modify your work without worrying about the availability or performance of your infrastructure.


Cloud Firewall

With gridscale’s free cloud firewall you can protect your IT services with just a few clicks. But that’s not where the easiness stops: Rule sets and smart applications help you avoid mundane work, keeping the full infrastructure performance at the same time.



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