Container orchestration fast and straightforward

Concentrate on what makes you successful and really keeps you going. And just leave everything else to us.
The management and operation of your Kubernetes infrastructure, for example. Reliable, safe and scalable according to your needs.

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Integrated instead of separated Integrated instead of separated

We take responsibility for your entire technology stack. Or in short: gridscale cloud operations excellence in one go.

Drag-drop-click configuration Drag-drop-click configuration

As part of the intuitive gridscale panel interfaces, orchestrating cluster setups, nodes and workload deployments becomes as easy as childsplay.

Save costs, time and nerves Save costs, time and nerves

Keep your head clear: With our expertise we relieve you of all management tasks around Kubernetes and take care of monitoring, release management and operation of your container infrastructure.

Well-prepared with Managed Kubernetes: Today and tomorrow!

Cloud Native Architectures? DevOps scenarios? Agility, openness and portability? Container technologies, microservices and Kubernetes have become the de facto standard for development and rollout of modern applications. gridscale provides you with a ready-to-use and fully managed Kubernetes environment.

Thanks to gridscale, your development team can concentrate on application development in containers, while the entire operations part runs in the background. Secure, automated and without any vendor lock-in. For rapid deployment of your workloads or completely new architectural concepts from infrastructure-as-code and continuous delivery to distributed hybrid and multi-cloud operation.

So you always remain independent and are free to choose your perfect platform and the best sizing.
By the way, at gridscale you can scale your cloud infrastructure fully as you like and profit from 100% flexible billing at the same time. Even better: The management of the Kubernetes infrastructure is free of any charge for you. This includes e.g. continuous updates and proactive monitoring of all "master" components of the cluster and your worker nodes. For you as a customer, only the costs for the actual utilization of the IaaS components are incurred.

Create Kubernetes Cluster

Fast start and easy handling

The set-up of your container infrastructure via our panel is simple and straightforward. Using a click-based interface, you can configure clusters and nodes for your project and allocate additional infrastructure resources as needed. Thanks to a dynamic overview, all costs remain in view and always under control. Right after the automated provision of your container, you can start transferring your workloads to our platform.

Certified data centers and high-speed connections

gridscale offers you the very best conditions for the efficient and secure operation of your applications based on Kubernetes. We have extensive know-how and many years of experience in the management of modern IT architectures. Our public cloud platform as well as our German data centers are officially certified according to strict specifications and redundantly connected to central Internet hubs and high-speed networks. Relieve yourself and your development team on the path of migrating to a container-based cloud infrastructure and use the expertise and services of our Kubernetes experts to your advantage.

gridscale Kubernetes Services at a glance

Provision and support of multiple availability zones
Automated Load Balancer Provisioning
Automated persistence volumes provisioning and expansion
Automated cluster upgrade
Manual scale in and out
Automated etcd backup-processes
Master/Cluster recovery
Latest Kubernetes version
Certificate rotation
Node recycling

gridscale Managed Kubernetes

The Managed Kubernetes services are fully integrated with our platform. We also provide additional components such as gs-cloud-cli to make the management of a Kubernetes cluster even easier for you.

gridscale Kubernetes

Get the most out of your infrastructure

We have created hundreds of tutorials to get started most easily with building infrastructure with any level of complexity on gridscale. You will also find many more topics in our developer section. Check out more tutorials.