Marketplace Applications

With gridscale marketplace applications you can get started with your desired applications with just one click

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The marketplace apps run on the gridscale infrastructure and benefit directly from the high performance and 100% availability of the gridscale cloud.

Easy setup Easy setup

No network, Ip or operating system configuration required. We take over the complete installation and standard configuration of the application.

Highly integrated Highly integrated

The applications run on the gridscale cloud infrastructure. For this reason they can be easily combined with other gridscale products.

A digital market providing cloud-based software solutions

Quick and easy setup

With the gridscale Marketplace you can quick and easy provide working software packages that run on and are fully integrated into the gridscale cloud infrastructure. The Marketplace provides you with a selection of applications such as Plesk, a server management software, Benno, an email archiving tool or WordPress, the most used CMS for managing website content.

To set up and start the applications, you don't need any experience in using gridscale. Within a few seconds you can start even complex applications. Simply use the application template provided by us and start immediately without configuring the network, the IP addresses or the operating system.

High performance and 100% availability

Because each application runs on the gridscale infrastructure and uses its resources, you benefit directly from the power and flexibility of gridscale. The high performance and 100% availability of the gridscale cloud infrastructure is directly transferred to the marketplace applications.

Templates you can trust

We are confident about the open source market and like to be a part of it ourselves. With the mass of tools and Applications that are needed in everyday life, it is important to rely on trustworthy partners. For this reason we are constantly developing our own Applications, renewing the outdated ones at regular intervals and allowing you to provide your own templates in our marketplace.

gridscale marketplace dashboard

Innovative and secure IaaS & PaaS in the Cloud

Cutting-edge algorithms and Hardware for best performance

To deliver cutting-edge technology, we are specialized in building our architecture with deep-learning algorithms.

German Privacy Policy for high Data security

gridscale was developed in compliance to the German data protection law, which has the strictest data protection and privacy regulations that exists.

Self-healing cloud infrastructure for 100% uptime

We build state-of-the-art technology that stands for intelligent algorithms. As such, we apply deep learning algorithms to identify and analyze potential anomalies.