Meet the gridscale team

Henrik Hasenkamp Strategy & Partner

Henrik is gridscale’s CEO. In this function, he is primarily responsible for the strategic development of gridscale, as well as important partnerships. Henrik has experience of 15 years in the hosting industry. In his last role, he took charge of the international realignment of the dedicated server business of one Europe’s largest hosting companies.

Fun Fact:

Never without his MacBook

Michael Balser Research & Development

As our CPO, Michael is the central point of contact for our products that turn gridscale into what it is today – from the idea and implementation to the maintenance of existing products. For more than 12 years in the hosting industry, he has always been able to implement ideas with the attitude of “yes, you can””, where others only saw a “it does not work” and “we have always done it this way”.

Fun Fact:

Yes, you can!

Torsten Urbas DC, Operations & Service

Torsten is responsible for everything around the data center and operations. He is the guy who keeps our systems running, our network with low latency and takes care of our partners and customers with his awesome team.

Torsten has been working for more than 20 years with Unix and Linux server systems and gained a lot of expertise within the hosting industry. Back in 2005 he founded his first web hosting provider for shared web hosting services. In his previous role he was responsible for the International Network and Systems Department with a competitor.

Fun Fact:

I won't say anything without my Juniper consultant

Nicola Römer Marketing & PR

Nicola is responsible for marketing and, in close collaboration with the founders, contributes above all to increase the brand recognition level internationally. In addition to her successfully completed MBA from the WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management, she brings along over 10 years of know-how and experience across all important business areas. She could not only prove her organizational and leadership strengths in her previous positions at IBM Germany and State Street Bank – she was also the founder and managing director of her own company, the Kölner Schatztüte.

Fun Fact:

She's never alone - thanks to our office puppy Lenny 🙂

Frank Gross Director of Freshness & Sales

Frank is responsible for sales and strategic partnerships at gridscale. For more than 30 years, Frank has been at home in the telecommunications-, hosting- and cloud- industries. As a passionate expert, he has been consulting in IT infrastructure projects for years. Frank signs responsible for some of the largest IT infrastructure setups in Europe. Prior to gridscale, Frank has worked at europe's no. 2 managed hosting provider and has accompanied numerous projects there.

Fun Fact:

Rather to wash dishes than to dry.

Carsten Dittmann Backend, Business Logic & Billing

Carsten is responsible for our web-backend development team and takes care of a smooth communication between all components. He joined the gridscale’s founder team in 2015 together with his brother Marc. Prior to his studies in computer sciences, he and Marc established the Dittmann Media GmbH in 2004. He has been able to realize his love for modern web technologies in many exciting projects.

Fun Fact:

Could it be Marc?

Marc Dittmann Frontend, UX & GUI

With his expertise in the field of web front-end, Marc is responsible for all gridscale web applications. He joined gridscale’s founding team in 2015 with his brother Carsten. In 2004 the brothers established the Dittmann Media GmbH. The know-how and the experience gained from his computer science studies and the many highly complex projects of the past years make him a leading expert in the field of web front-end.

Fun Fact:

Could it be Carsten?

Tobias Schiffer Finance, Tax & Controlling

Tobias has been part of the team since the end of 2014 and is responsible gridscale’s figures as our CFO. His love to figures and finance are the common theme of his career – from his apprenticeship as a bank clerk to his diploma in business administration and tax consultancy. His many years of professional experience in tax consultancy and a three-year trip to the commercial audit at KPMG form the solid foundation of his business.

Fun Fact:

What does it cost?

Martin Znamirowski Architecture Guru

Martin is the lead developer of gridscale and responsible for the choice of software components and the design of the intelligent system architecture. He got to know gridscale through long-term contact with the founders, with whom he has already worked successfully in the past.

Before Martin switched into business world, he worked in the academic field for several years, working on the development of distributed systems, high-performance graph algorithms and databases. Martin is also extremely versatile outside the field of computer science, as his studies of the secondary subjects of physics and psychology show.

Fun Fact:

Being true VR enthusiast, one should take time to get used to Martin's individual construction of his living room 🙂

Kai Lange Developer

Marc Harriss Product Owner

Marc is our first native English speaker, he was born in South Africa and worked professionally in the U.K as manager of the I.T and logistics departments for one of the fastest growing companies in the U.K. Having travelled a lot, he brings to the table a great deal of knowledge and capability to expand gridscale even further internationally.

Fun Fact:

once I start something it’s hard to put it down

Alida Wonner Software Development DevOp

Alida is a working student in software development DevOp. She studies Information Science and Language Technology at the Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf. Professionally, she also brings techological know-how into the gridscale team. She worked for 2 years as a database / report programmer for a Dusseldorf consulting company and was previously involved in a renowned digital agency based in Dusseldorf Medienhafen in the field of digital marketing for 3 years.

Alida feels in good hands in the digital world and has an affinity to programming.

Fun Fact:

alida <3 coding

Marcus Criscenzo Sysadmin Managed-Hosting

Marcus supports us as a system administrator in the area of managed hosting. He is primarily responsible for the installation, configuration and maintenance of customer systems. Incidentally, he is responsible for maintaining the monitoring system.

Fun Fact:


Ben Odenthal DevOp System Administrator

Ben is virtually the right hand of the devil of Torsten and thus also cares for all our productive, development and managed environment. With now more than 20 years of experience exclusively in the IT industry and his great affinity for Linux and general open source products, he has now found his personal Valhalla at Gridscale.

Fun Fact:

Undead Warlock who also reads manpages.

Thomas Wiebe Software Engineer

Thomas is driving the expansion of cloud platforms at gridscale. As an old stager of the hosting industry with background in software development and DevOps, he knows both classic and modern ailments and is happy to help out with more than just blows. With his love for scalable infrastructure, he is exactly right with gridscale!

Fun Fact:

Likes talking code.

Yannik Hubrich Online Marketing

Yannik is responsible for SEO and Analytics and ensures that gridscale is found quickly and easily on the net.
Yannik is currently studying Media Informatics at the University of Cologne.
In addition to studying and working, he is interested in everything related to the Internet and digital culture. Since he later wants to market his own video game, he is in good hands in our professional online marketing department.

Fun Fact:

Prefers to work with friends instead of colleagues.

Florian Wolf Marketing Development

IT student Florian supports us in marketing development. He makes sure that our content is well received by you and Google. Incidentally, he has the topic of SEO and Google Analytics in view. Florian loves to get to know new tools and also explains them to you in his tutorials.

Fun Fact:

gridscale's only Veggie

Jan Stuhlmann

Jan Stuhlmann Frontend, UX & GUI

Jan created websites and applications while still at school. In 2007 he finally turned his hobby into a profession.
At gridscale he mainly takes care of the frontend of the different panels, but he also likes to help out in the backend and in the area of the website.

Jan became aware of gridscale through an earlier collaboration with Marc Dittmann and got to know the product as an "earlybird" tester in 2015. The wish to contribute a part to gridscale himself he put into action in May 2018 - since then he has been part of our team.

Fun Fact

Most people surf on their cell phones faster than Jan at home

Aldemuro Haris

Aldemuro Haris Software Developer

Aldemuro is from indonesia. In 2015, he came to Germany for studying information engineering and computer science before joining gridscale‘s team. Since April 2018 he supports the gridscale team as a software developer. Currently, he´s responsible for extending test cases for our system and maintaining our API client.

Fun fact:

First Gridscaler from Asia!

Kristina Linke

Kristina Linke Team Assistent

Kristina supports us in various areas, especially in general organisation, such as travel and ordering, but also in Feelgood Management. But there is hardly a topic with which one cannot go to her. She has worked in various corporate cultures, brings a lot of experience with her and keeps track of things.

Fun fact:

She says she knows Aldi's selection backwards.

Philomene Robinne

Philomene Robinne Sales Assistent

Philo supports Frank as a working student in the Sales team.
She already holds a bachelor's degree in philosophy and sociology and is now studying "Culture, Aesthetics, Media" as a Master's student. Since communication with other people is very important to her, she perfectly fits into the sales department.

Fun fact:

gridscales veggie

Lisa Schiffer

Lisa Schiffer Senior Account Manager

As Senior Account Manager at gridscale, Lisa is responsible for both new and existing customers. 10 years in the hosting & cloud industry and 9 years in sales of a well-known managed hosting provider - Lisa has a lot of experience and fits perfectly into the dynamic and motivated gridscale team.

Fun fact:

Without sports little socially compatible.

Felix Kronlage

Felix Kronlage COO

As COO Felix is the central point around our products and is responsible that our customers get not only a good but an excellent product. In this role he coordinates between the individual teams and is always at the pulse of time at gridscale.

With his background as a longterm player in the open source scene as well as founder and managing director of an open-source IT infrastructure service provider and hoster, he brings his many years of experience - both technical and commercial - to gridscale at all levels.

When Felix is not active in his gridscale mission, he gets involved as part of the board of the OSB Alliance, attends conferences or sits on a racing bike.

Fun fact:

Knows of many well-known songs only the punk rock cover version.

Deborah Hecht

Deborah Hecht Art Director

Deborah - or Debbie for short - is the new creative head at gridscale and provides us with fresh design. Already during her bachelor's degree at Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences, she worked as a working student at Schüco International KG, where she designed the icons for the SchüCal software. After graduating, she gained 5 years of professional experience as a graphic designer at brandbuero Media GmbH and is well versed in programmatic marketing.

Fun fact:

She's obsessed with guinea pigs and salty popcorn!

Stefan Giebel

Stefan Giebel Solutions architect

Already at a young age Stefan developed a real passion for technology and always wanted to know how something works. If something didn't work, he stayed on the ball until it worked again, even if it had cost him the night - true to the motto "how do I get it done?!

Today he is the technical conscience of the sales department and a kind of translator towards the customer. At gridscale, he takes on the role of the technical all-rounder - he takes on customer requirements and implements them in a solution-oriented manner with the best possible mix of costs and benefits for the customer as an overall concept.

Fun fact:

we'll get it done!

Nicolas Tuschen

Nicolas Tuschen Online Marketing Manager

Nico is an online marketing manager with focus on SEO and is responsible for (organic) online marketing at gridscale. At the same time he is a good example for the fact that you can not only become a taxi driver by studying literature. He discovered his passion for SEO rather by chance, but has consistently expanded it since then: from startups, agencies to publishing houses, from B2B to B2C, from offpage to onpage.

Fun fact:

Less than a litre of coffee a day is not worth it.

Sydney Weber

Sydney Weber Research & Development

Sydney is from now on part of the Research & Development team at gridscale.
About 3 years ago, the fire and passion for programming was ignited in him. After a completed apprenticeship in the field of informatics, he now wants to reach for the stars and studies informatics at the FH Bonn-Rhein-Sieg. His biggest dream is to work as a game developer one day.

Fun fact:

Loves to tell fun facts about video games.

Ingo Becker

Ingo Becker Backend & Dev. Eng.

Ingo is broadly positioned. For more than 14 years he has been using exclusively
Linux and is a big fan of open source software. He knows his way around web application development, provisioning Linux-based systems and various virtualization technologies. Based on this he works quite interdisciplinary at gridscale.

Fun fact:

The only gridscaler without a smartphone

Begoña Asensio

Begoña Asensio Software Developer

Begoña - or just Bego is our new spanish internal developer. Originally from Bilbao she was living in Cloudy Barcelona before she moved to Sunny Cologne. Before she joined gridscale she was working with several innovative sustainability projects and now returned to the development nation.

Fun fact:

Sorry guys I cannot teach you how to cook paella.

Tobias Brandenberg Frontend, UX & GUI

Already since the 7th grade it was clear for Tobi that he wanted to do something with computer science. His career as a web developer started with the first HTML pages while he was at school. During his computer science studies he somehow got stuck in the web area.

At gridscale he supports Jan & Marc at Frontend, UX & GUI. He knows both of them - like some others from the team - from earlier cooperation. So you always see each other twice in your life.

Since March 2019 he has been part of the team, after having been a customer of gridscale himself before.

Fun Fact

Coffee in the morning dispels sorrow and worries

Was ist für dich das Besondere an gridscale?

The wonderful international team, the spirit, the real flat hierarchies & the really every buck has the vision to make it happen.

Linn Salles Head of People Relations

Linn is responsible for our People department, i.e. everything that has to do with recruiting and internal processes for gridscale employees. As a career changer, she discovered her heart for IT in 2012 and can now look back on more than seven years of professional experience in HR consulting and HR management.

Fun Fact:

Likes dogs and cats! Lip-synct inspires, if nobody looks.

Was ist für dich das Besondere an gridscale?

The challenge, the team, the freedom, the trust. At gridscale I have the feeling that I can really move something and help to build it up.

Marius Büscher Senior PHP-Developer

Originally Marius studied media technology, but a few years ago he started programming with PHP as a career changer. Since March 2019 he is part of the gridscale team, after working for one of our customers for many years.

Yuliya Korovkevych Marketing Executive Assistant

As a working student, Yuliya supports the marketing team in the areas of content marketing, PR and social media.
She studies multilingual communication with a focus on economics at the TH Cologne.
In addition to her studies and work, Yuliya is also interested in handletting, sports and cinema.

Fun Fact:

It’s never too cold for ice cream!

Was ist für dich das Besondere an gridscale?

Behind gidscale is an incredibly helpful, humorous, highly motivated and professional team.

Daniel Wolff Head of New Business Development

As Head of New Business Development, Daniel is responsible for lead generation at gridscale. He works as an interface between marketing and sales and, together with his team, ensures that sales is provided with qualified enquiries. He has 10 years of experience in sales and is a telemarketing specialist. At the age of seven, he got his first PC (386) and has been a technology enthusiast ever since.

Fun Fact:

Knows all good restaurants in Düsseldorf

Was ist für dich das Besondere an gridscale?

We built the future!

Simon Stecker New Business Development

As a working student, Simon supports the New Business Development team in the Lead Generation area. As an interface between marketing and sales, he helps to qualify potential customers and inspire them for the best company in the world. As a dual student at TARGOBANK, Simon has five years of professional experience in dialogue marketing. He is currently a Master's student in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Translated with

Fun Fact:

As a native of Düsseldorf, finds that Cologne is the better city.

Was ist für dich das Besondere an gridscale?

One team, one vision, one common goal

Zhaleh Abdali Online Marketing

Zhaleh studies Applied Information Sciences at the TH Cologne and supports us as a working student in the field of online marketing. In her spare time she likes to go for walks or inline skating.

Fun Fact:

Likes dogs more than cats and sea more than mountains

Was ist für dich das Besondere an gridscale?

Solving tasks together in a team

Julia Heineking Marketing Manager

Julia is responsible for campaign management at gridscale and therefore mainly responsible for the planning, development, execution and analysis of marketing campaigns. In addition to her successfully completed studies in economics at the University of Cologne, she brings more than 7 years of know-how from the hosting industry with her.

Was ist für dich das Besondere an gridscale?

Behind gridscale is a team of great people who enjoy what they do.

Martin Schmücker Online Marketing

Martin is our intern in online marketing and supports da Nico and his team in SEO matters. He is currently studying information science at the TH Cologne. Besides his work and his studies he is interested in all topics around digitalization and how to harmonize environment and economy. In his spare time he likes to run, cycle or climb somewhere.

Fun Fact:

Is cotton swab-dependent

Was ist für dich das Besondere an gridscale?

A great team working together on a great product