gridscale goes private: Hybrid management in one piece

Thanks to the Hybrid Core, your data centers and legacy IT will turn into a modern private or hybrid cloud in no time at all. And thus become the center of your hyper-convergent cloud architecture. 100% virtualized, freely scalable, consistently managed.

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Optimizing output and efficiency Optimizing output and efficiency

gridscale serves you all cloud advantages on a silver plate and grants you total freedom with the operation of your apps and workloads. As a private cloud in your own data center, in the public cloud or even in a hybrid mixed model.

Cloud orchestration via mouse click Cloud orchestration via mouse click

Innovation instead of deadlock: The Hybrid Core converts your data center and hardware infrastructure into an integrated control center for unlimited access to compute, storage and network capacity from the cloud. Fast, simple, just-in-time.

Best-of-breed cloud deployments Best-of-breed cloud deployments

The days of complexity and isolation are gone - today's IT is a software-driven, distributed pool of resources. Cloud-based, hybrid and flexible. The result: Highest availability and security for your data and applications.

Maximized Freedom of Choice and Future Security

New technologies, applications and smart services? Mobile work, cloud-native computing and sophisticated enterprise IT? Companies and data center operators are faced with immense challenges and a tremendous modernization drive. The monolithic architectures in the data center with their static server structures, redundant processes and silos have finally had their day. Take the step ahead now. The gridscale hybrid core is the key to the necessary tech refresh and innovation push on your way to digital transformation.

The gridscsale Hybrid Core transforms the legacy IT in your data center into a modern cloud infrastructure and provides smooth data and application mobility across different cloud environments. Easy and consistent management thanks to web-based software interfaces included. Live operation within the public cloud and local backup on your on-prem IT? Horizontal or vertical scaling? Hybrid operating models and dual data center concepts? All of these are just a click away for you in the future!

With the gridscale hybrid core you combine the advantages of the gridscale public cloud like ease of use, cost efficiency and elasticity with the security and controllability of a dedicated private cloud at your site. Compute power, storage capacity and network connection, container workloads, availability zones and security are now orchestrated as software-defined virtual building blocks of your hyper-convergent infrastructure. Even better: Predefined templates and an extensive feature set will save you time and speed up all your processes.

New agility across cloud environments

Integrated rather than separated - the gridscale hybrid core closes the gap between your own data center and the gridscale public cloud. As a comprehensive software stack it allows centralized administration and cross-platform utilization of your entire IT infrastructure. Maximized automation and intuitive software GUIs in combination with complementary managed services and a 100% availability guarantee will make the orchestration of your infrastructure extremely easy.

Thanks to distributed resources under a common management and virtualization layer, your workloads and business data will be processed and stored flexibly, efficiently and exactly according to their individual requirements.

gridscale Hybrid Cloud

No matter if business application, virtual desktops or eCommerce workload, production or development system, DevOps, container application or digital business process.Wherever capacities are needed, you can quickly and easily switch them on, and wherever they are not necessary anymore, they can be withdrawn immediately.

The Hybrid Core Software Stack can be operated on all standard servers and IT systems in your data center. The configuration of your onsite cloud resources is carried out via exactly the same comfortable panel interfaces that you may already know and be familiar with from working with the gridscale public cloud. All processes concerning backup, recovery and business continuity are already predefined and do not need to be designed and set up additionally.

gridscale Hybrid Core at a glance

Turnkey full-stack software for hyper-convergent IT infrastructures
Rapid deployment without major project effort
High compatibility with any kind of standard hardware
Data and application mobility across hybrid cloud environments
Consistent administration via central management software
Easy handling via drag and drop click GUI or via open API
Predefined deployment, workflow and automation features
Load balancing, autoscaling and failover without downtime
Cloud-native architectures, microservices and container technologies
Geographically separated availability zones and multi-site deployments

Managed Hybrid Cloud: Allocating tasks to your advantage

At gridscale, hyper convergence not only stands for an almost unlimited scalable resource pool, but also for our holistic service commitment covering all cloud scenarios of our customers. This means to you: We take full operational responsibility for the gridscale technology and the gridscale hybrid core - from private cloud solutions in your own data center up to hybrid mixed models and the gridscale public cloud. 100% system availability and around-the-clock support guaranteed

gridscale Hybrid Core

You manage the allocation of the optimal cloud resources yourself via the gridscale panel interfaces, take care of the physical hardware in your data center as required and otherwise keep your head clear for everything that will bring you forward successfully. Innovative software applications and exciting digital projects for example.

Curious to know how gridscale can help your company to become more agile and efficient? How to add XaaS services to your service catalogue and prepare your IT operations for the future? Or how you, as a system house and IT service provider, can establish completely new managed services for your customers and thus address sustainable sales and upselling potential? Come and talk to us. We look forward to speaking with you.