Secure Cloud Storage at gridscale - performance and stability

Adapt our high performance SSD cloud storage to the requirements of your application. Benefit from object storage that offers you a S3 compatible HTTP interface.

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With gridscale, adding and removing resources according to your projects is mere child’s play. As for every other resource, storage is billed on a per-minute basis and you only pay what you have used. Monitor your accrued costs anytime in our usage overview.


The gridscale storage technology is designed for security, availability and speed. All data is encrypted at rest, kept on enterprise SSD and stored on at least three independent storage nodes in different availability zones. This will protect your data from loss and corruption.


We don’t like mundane work! That’s why you can easily create your own template and deploy hundreds of servers with the same config in no time at gridscale - rather than starting from scratch every time.

About the storage architecture of gridscale

In the last ten years, we have spent a lot of time with storage systems. In hundreds of projects we have learned that a storage system is often a compromise. Different requirements have to be reconciled - data security, performance, ease-of use, flexibility and price are often the most important issues. After countless tests and a monthly evaluation of various manufacturers in the field of software and hardware storage appliances, we are very happy that we have found a way to ensure a balance between all important features.


gridscale's smart snapshot features allow you to secure your work and save precious time

Create snapshots

Use snapshots to store the current state of your storage at any time. Whether your server is currently running or not: create a snapshot with just a single click. Your snapshot is available to you in real-time and can be used to create new servers or to rollback your storage if necessary.

Schedule snapshots

We love automation! To help you speed up processes, we created the snapshot scheduler. It allows you to define individual time intervals at which snapshots are automatically taken and lets you also define the timeframe until which the snapshots shall be archived.

Export snapshots

Do you feel safe when your storage is backed up to a storage system that is independent from your system? We do. This is why we built a simple way to transfer your snapshots directly to gridscale’s S3-compatible Object Storage. Secure, perfectly integrated and fully automated.

Choose between different performance classes to meet even the highest I/O-requirements.


For basic storage needs

Good for:

  • Web server
  • Terminal server
  • eCommerce shop
  • Development machine
  • API endpoints

For high data throughput

Good for:

  • Databases with high write & read frequency,
  • Web & cache servers
  • Key / value data stores

For the most demanding requirements

Good for:

  • Large ERP systems, such as SAP
  • PaaS
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Object Storage

Object storage is great for storing and retrieving any amount of data in a simple way. You can access object storage from anywhere, such as websites, applications or IOT devices.

Using object storage at gridscale allows you full flexibility, as you only pay for what you use. Due to its security features both access control and stability are taken care of.

Get the most out of your storage

We have created hundreds of tutorials to get started most easily with building infrastructure with any level of complexity on gridscale. You will also find many more topics in our developer section. Check out more tutorials