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Experience what next-generation cloud computing looks like

No matter if you need just a virtual machine or want to create complex infrastructure: with gridscale’s cloud computing platform you can hit the ground running in no time. We build our cutting-edge infrastructure and PaaS to be high-quality, secure and very easy to use.

Intuitive design

Intuitive design

At gridscale, we make complex cloud technology easily available. We did not only build intelligent features that speed up development processes significantly, but each single component can be set up with a few clicks.

State-of-the-art technology

State-of-the-art technology

Our innovative architecture is characterized by a modern stack and highlights such as instant provisioning. We rely on machine learning, which enables us to be the forefront concerning failure prevention. We are so confident in our technology that we are the only provider to offer a 100% SLA.

German security standards

German security standards

At gridscale, we take the security of your infrastructure and your data seriously. We are not only subject to the strictest data protection in the world under German law, but we also build our infrastructure and features to assure maximum security.

We provide the best solution for your individual needs

Agencies, system houses and resellers
Small and medium businesses
Developers / DevOps


When you do eCommerce, you want to be flexible and equipped for various situations, such as sudden influxes to your website due to campaigns or seasonal fluctuations. We designed gridscale to provide you with the ultimate performance as well as allowing you to scale your cloud infrastructure at the push of a button. By applying pay-as-you-go, you only get charged for what you actually use - to the minute!

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Agencies, system houses and resellers

Do you need a launch pad for your new web projects, appreciate instant provisioning and a stable infrastructure that runs on enterprise hardware? Would you love the possibility to manage all customers in one view? Do you want to be flexible in reselling, setting your own prices and features, even with the option to use your own CI? Then gridscale’s Partner solution might be right for you.

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Small and medium businesses

At gridscale, we understand the balancing act of moving to modern cloud technologies and ensuring security as well as stability at the same time. This is why it is important to us that our cloud computing platform encompasses these components. We exclusively use enterprise hardware, which we locate in German data centers, use machine learning to guarantee the highest availability, and allow you to easily integrate your cloud infrastructure to you company IT.

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Developers / DevOps

As passionate problem solvers, we strive to create innovative cloud architecture that helps you to simplify and automate your processes. You will be surprised how fast you can hit the ground running using gridscale. Our services are not only fully integrated, but also outstandingly intelligent. We believe in full automation and design features that let you focus on creating your masterpiece of codework rather than focusing on your infrastructure.

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Do you need a flexible cloud infrastructure for your software solution, but do not have the time to build the necessary expertise yourself? gridscale takes away the complexity. With gridscale you can easily forego having to get familiar with complicated user interfaces. Scale computing resources independently and pay only for what you have used - per minute and no contracts attached!

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Explore our product suite

Cloud Server

Build your infrastructure in seconds: real-time deployment, intuitive GUI.

Load Balancer Load Balancer

Distribute incoming traffic to your virtual machines automatically.

PaaS PaaS

Benefit from the only real-time auto scaling PaaS available.

Auto Recovery Auto Recovery

Sensors monitor your infrastructure and can restore a defective workload autonomously.

Time based events Time based events

coming soon

Orchestrate infrastructure

Orchestrate all repetitive, time-consuming and error-prone tasks.

Auto Recovery Auto Recovery

Sensors monitor your infrastructure and can restore a defective workload autonomously.

Zero Downtime Zero Downtime

Benefit from the highest availability of your services.

Fully managed Fully managed

Let gridscale manage your servers all the way up to the operating system.

Expert knowledge Expert knowledge

Discuss your best infrastructure setup with experts.

Failover IP Failover IP

Easy switch IP addresses between your VMs without complex configurations.

Cloud Firewall Cloud Firewall

Determine which traffic you allow to the inside and outside.

Load Balancer Load Balancer

Distribute incoming traffic to your virtual machines automatically.

Private Networking Private Networking

Create an unlimited number of private networks or breakout networks.

Cloning (coming soon)

Create a development clone of your production service within seconds. (coming soon)

Security Zones Security Zones

Private VMs and Security Zones keep your data safe.

Real-time auto scaling Real-time auto scaling

Our platform scale automatically to provide the best performance.

Fully managed

We take care of installations, operations and patching.

Operating systems Operating systems

Choose between a large number of distributions.

Hot-plug technology

Increase computing resources at any time during operation.

Real-time provisioning Real-time provisioning

Start your servers in less than 5 seconds.

Seamless scalability

Scale cores, memory and storage independently.

Custom Templates Custom Templates

Create custom templates from snapshots to boost your productivity.

Object Storage

Benefit from S3 compatibility and the web bucket explorer.

Snapshots & Backups

Create and schedule snapshots. Export them to object storage for backups.

SSD storage

Choose between different performance classes of SSD storage.

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BUTLERS, André Martens, Head of IT, BUTLERS
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Aixpro, Lars Leuchter, CEO / CTO, AIXPRO - eCommerce Digital Agency
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Ringo Dumdei, Head of System Administration, Webtrekk
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“Infrastructure-as-a-Service is becoming increasingly important for our trading partners and their customers. gridscale is an ideal partner for us, enabling us to offer system houses customized and easy-to-use solutions. In addition, gridscale is backed by an innovative team that puts its heart and soul into advancing the topic of infrastructure-as-a-service and implementing solutions with us.”

Thomas Heidbreder, Team Manager Managed Cloud Services, KOMSA
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KETTLER, Catherine Otto, Leitung IT & Organisation, KETTLER
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Choose the right deployment model for your business

Peak balancing

Do you run your own data center, but want to avoid purchasing extra servers for special activities, such as TV commercials or customer projects with high workloads? gridscale supports you with its flexibility and transparency. Pay only for what you have used – per minute.

Continuous operation of your IaaS and PaaS

Save the capital expenditure of deploying and maintaining your own IT infrastructure and benefit from the fast and flexible use of gridscale 24/7 – wherever you may be. gridscale is not only the right solution for your backend processes, but also for every application critical to your business.

Mapping of complex infrastructure requirements

Do you require quick setup of complex infrastructure including internal server to server connections? With gridscale, it has never been easier.

Need to migrate your infrastructure to the most modern cloud provider?