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gridscale IaaS & PaaS

Making complex cloud technologies easily available

Innovative and secure IaaS and PaaS in the cloud

gridscale has been developed by cloud computing experts and brings infrastructure and PaaS to a new level. No matter how complex your requirements are: with gridscale you can rely on most innovative and stable technology, intuitive interfaces that boost your development speed, and security.

What Crisp says about gridscale:

As an innovator in the cloud computing market, gridscale is an alternative for many. Compared to the market leaders, gridscale scores with a high user experience,  State of the art features and a unique white label option.

Maximilian Hille, Senior Analyst & Mobile Practice Lead, Crisp Research AG

Your benefits using gridscale:

IaaS and PaaS developed by experts
100% German data protection and German data centers
Lightning-fast infrastructure management through the intuitive gridscale panel or the RESTful API
Independent resource selection and scaling during operation
Automation that makes your life easier (e.g. Cloud Automation Services, Snapshot Scheduler)
SSD storage at different speeds & S3-compatible object storage
High-quality enterprise hardware and state-of-the-art algorithms for best performance
Transparent real-time cost display and up-to-the-minute billing
Experts for experts. Qualified support that thinks one step ahead
White-label-capable reseller solutions for system houses, agencies and hosting providers
1 Gbit/s unlimited network speed for each virtual machine
Reliable PaaS with realtime autoscaling

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Use Cases


Save precious time managing your cloud infrastructure

Real-time provisioning Real-time provisioning

Start your servers in less than 5 seconds.

Hot-plug technology

Increase computing resources at any time during operation.

Cloud Automation Cloud Automation

Be informed about infrastructure changes real-time.

PaaS PaaS

Benefit from the only real-time auto scaling PaaS available.

Time based events Time based events

coming soon

Orchestrate infrastructure

Orchestrate all repetitive, time-consuming and error-prone tasks.

Connect your #slack

Simply push any important event into your #slack-channel.

If-this-then-that If-this-then-that

Be informed about infrastructure changed real-time.

Auto Recovery Auto Recovery

Sensors monitor your infrastructure and can restore a defective workload autonomously.

Zero Downtime Zero Downtime

Benefit from the highest availability of your services.

Fully managed Fully managed

Let gridscale manage your servers all the way up to the operating system.

Expert knowledge Expert knowledge

Discuss your best infrastructure setup with experts.

Failover IP Failover IP

Easy switch IP addresses between your VMs without complex configurations.

Cloud Firewall Cloud Firewall

Determine which traffic you allow to the inside and outside.

Load Balancer Load Balancer

Distribute incoming traffic to your virtual machines automatically.

Private Networking Private Networking

Create an unlimited number of private networks or breakout networks.

Cloning (coming soon)

Create a development clone of your production service within seconds. (coming soon)

Security Zones Security Zones

Private VMs and Security Zones keep your data safe.

Real-time auto scaling Real-time auto scaling

Our platform scale automatically to provide the best performance.

Fully managed

We take care of installations, operations and patching.

Operating systems Operating systems

Choose between a large number of distributions.

Hot-plug technology

Increase computing resources at any time during operation.

Real-time provisioning Real-time provisioning

Start your servers in less than 5 seconds.

Seamless scalability

Scale cores, memory and storage independently.

Custom Templates Custom Templates

Create custom templates from snapshots to boost your productivity.

Object Storage

Benefit from S3 compatibility and the web bucket explorer.

Snapshots & Backups

Create and schedule snapshots. Export them to object storage for backups.

SSD storage

Choose between different performance classes of SSD storage.