Immediate action in critical situations: gridscale migrates the Web de Cologne website in no time

Network of the digital economy in Germany
Products used:
  • Managed Services
  • VMs
  • Snapshots
  • Snapshot Scheduler
  • Object Storage backups
  • Monitoring
  • Private Networks
Systems running on gridscale:
  • WordPress
About Web de Cologne

Web de Cologne is an initiative of Cologne-based companies from the digital economy, which is a relevant economic factor for the Cologne and NRW region. With over 100 member companies, Web de Cologne is one of the largest industries in the digital industry in Germany.

gridscale helped us quickly and effectively in a difficult situation.

Joachim Vranken, Board Spokesman, Web de Cologne


The websites of Web de Cologne e.V. were attacked due to non-current WordPress versions. The previous service provider was unable to provide support in this critical situation.


The gridscale team was able to work out a solution within a very short time. Our pages were very quickly moved into the gridscale cloud and brought up to date. Since then, our pages have been stable and fast.


»Great team, high customer orientation, scalable service – you don’t have to say more.«

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