Complicated backend requirements pose difficulties for Radbonus: gridscale’s experts work out a solution quickly and easily

Products used:
  • Managed public cloud
  • VMs
  • Snapshots
  • Snapshot scheduler
  • Object storage
  • Private networks
  • Monitoring
Systems running on gridscale:
  • App (development and productive environment)
About radbonus

radbonus is an app with which cyclists can track bike kilometers and exchange them for bonuses. The bonuses are given to cyclists from e-shops, their employers or their health insurance. Therefore, radbonus motivates its users not only to cycle, but at the same time promotes climate protection.

„I feel great at gridscale. I was not only convinced by the simple interface for the administration, but also the team’s willingness to help. When I had unusual requirements for our backend, they supported me with their expert knowledge. This allowed us to quickly and easily create a solution. Full score all along the line!”

Nora Grazzini, Founder & CEO, radbonus


The development infrastructure of radbonus was operated in an environment that was not suitable as a permanent solution for the productive use. The setup corresponded to a development environment: a virtual server and a separate instance of the database cluster.

radbonus lacked the experience of migrating and operating this setup into a productive environment. It was also important for radbonus to ensure the availability of the app for the users during the migration.


As part of its public-managed cloud offer, gridscale has supported radbonus in defining and building a new infrastructure. In addition, gridscale created a migration concept that allowed the existing system to be migrated to the gridscale environment without any downtime.


»Gridscale has not only provided us with a reliable infrastructure and migration concept, but has also enabled us to increase the technical performance of our app. For us, this means an increase in user satisfaction. Compared to other vendors, gridscale has convinced with its intuitive usability and flexible pricing model – two points that are essential for a startup to work resource-efficiently.«

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