Consistently high performance of Kettler's online shop during their television campaigns for RTL's charity marathon.

Sports equipment
Products used:
  • Load Balancers
  • Web Servers
  • Database Servers
  • Varnish Cache Server
Systems running on gridscale:
  • eCommerce System

For over 65 years, KETTLER has been shaping the leisure market with trend-setting product solutions. Some of them have made history: For example, generations of children and teenager grew up with the legendary KETTCAR.

At the RTL donation marathon on 23rd November 2017, 24 KETTCAR racing teams pedaled together with Joey Kelly for a good cause – 24 hours non-stop! For this event KETTLER built KETTCARS especially for adults in race design. The original RTL-KIDS KETTCAR 4 KIDS has been available in the same style since 13th November 2017. And best of all: From each KETTCAR sold, the company donates 10 euros to the foundation RTL ‘We help children’.

gridscale has very quickly suggested a recommendation for the new system architecture. At a very high technical level, best practice approaches were discussed with us and implemented quickly.

Catherine Otto, Head of IT & Organization, KETTLER


KETTLER wanted to pave the way for a retail customer online shop solution in the course of the RTL donation marathon: As an exciting project this solution had to lift a high visitor rush in the course of the TV appearance.

Of course, special attention was paid to infrastructure design and load forecasting. Until now, KETTLER has operated not only its corporate website, but also a shop system for retailers.


KETTLER trusts gridscale’s managed-public-cloud solution to always have the right infrastructure resources available to their needs; not only for the end customer online shop solution, but also for their company appearance

gridscale operates a load balancer, web server and database server, as well as a separate PHP backend for KETTLER in its highly available cloud. It is possible to scale vertically and horizontally in all areas. As a managed IaaS solution gridscale also provides service management, security and patch management, as well as monitoring.


Managed IaaS outsourcing relieves the internal IT department and enables KETTLER to continue to focus on its core competencies. »We are more than happy with gridscale; also with the provision as well as the active and friendly way of communication«, Benedikt Weber, responsible marketing manager at KETTLER, summarizes the experiences. Catherine Otto adds: »The decision to change as a traditional medium-sized company with its IT requirements of the shop project into a modern and innovative public cloud environment of our partner gridscale has proven to be absolutely correct.«

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