Processing millions of requests simultaneously: gridscale hosts billwerk’s complete infrastructure

Subscription Management Platform
Products used:
  • VM Cluster
  • Snapshots
  • S3 Object Storage
  • Managed VPN
  • Private Networks
  • Templates
Systems running on gridscale:
  • Development and production environment of billwerk's subscription solution
About billwerk

billwerk is a subscription management platform that automates contract management, billing, payment and customer management. We have customers from the software, software as a service, paid digital content, gaming and energy sector.

We evaluated many IT infrastructure service providers. In the end, only a few remained that could meet our criteria: German data protection, elastic IT infrastructure and easy administration. And only one has inspired us: gridscale

Ricco Deutscher, CEO, billwerk


All customers have the same problem: they have a recurring digital business, which involves high process costs. billwerk helps them digitize processes and thus increase their performance.

Our customers expect billwerk as a software-as-a-service provider to have a highly available programming interface that can answer millions of queries at the same time. To ensure this, we need an IT infrastructure that is always reliable.


Three things were important to us when choosing the cloud hosting provider.

  1. German data protection – all data is stored on German servers.
  2. A resilient IT infrastructure geared to billwerk’s requirements.
  3. Easy administration.


»We have evaluated many IT infrastructure service providers. In the end, only a few remained which could meet our criteria. And only one has inspired us: gridscale. All these points mean for us: We can rely on our service provider and focus on our core business.«

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