AIXPRO: Dynamic e-commerce solutions thanks to cloud hosting

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AIXPRO is a solution provider for IT infrastructure, IT consulting, IT outsourcing, eCommerce solutions, BYOD, MDM, SEO, SMM, web hosting, web design and cloud solutions.

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Since the gridscale infrastructure is redundant in itself, customers with only one server can already benefit from a significantly increased availability. […] These gridscale solutions offer a clear competitive advantage.

CEO/CTO, AIXPRO GmbH - eCommerce Digital Agency

In e-commerce, web servers have to react dynamically. Whether events or Christmas business, with infrastructure from the cloud, hosting partners like AIXPRO can always offer their customers the right service. This is because gridscale’s state-of-the-art cloud operates in the background.

E-commerce has changed from the much admired niche solution to the mainstream. The operation of web shops has undergone a similar change: solutions from the cloud or in the hosting data center are now standard. At the same time, application scenarios have multiplied and the shop solution used must offer a high degree of flexibility. Specialists such as the official shopware hosting partner AIXPRO offer a wide variety of different solutions for every type of e-commerce.

Modern shop solutions offer a maximum of flexibility

Some examples of the possibilities: Retailers offer hundreds of thousands to millions of products from all categories, while specialists focus on selected and elaborately presented goods for a precisely defined target group. Successful artists offer their art and popular musicians merchandising products. A modern shop solution is able to manage standardized mass products on the one hand, but can also highlight special products with images and explanatory texts on the other. It must be suitable for cars as well as for food, electronics or clothing.

Shopware is a quasi-standard on the German Internet for such e-commerce applications. As a local product with a strong concentration on the German-speaking market, it is a step ahead in Germany. In addition to a free, open-source entry-level version, there are a large number of commercial editions that are suitable for every application scenario. “Individual projects are becoming increasingly important”, says Lars Leuchter, Managing Director of AIXPRO GmbH. “We understand this to mean shops that offer specific products and are in particularly high demand at certain times.”


One example is webshops for startups that appear in the TV show “The Lion’s Cave”. The original shops of the startups are often not suitable for many accesses in a short period of time, because a newly founded company initially has only a few customers and does not require oversized and costly resources. The situation is completely different during broadcasting: Suddenly hundreds of thousands of people want to look up what the jury has just recommended in the lion’s den.

“With our high-availability solution, we were able to guide some of the participants through the broadcast without the website failing”, explains Leuchter. This is extremely important in such a competition, as a website that cannot be reached immediately creates a bad image with potential customers. But other shops also require a high-availability solution. Seasonal events such as the Christmas business, for example, are already bringing even supposedly resilient IT infrastructures to their knees.

Virtual servers react dynamically to any changes

For this reason, AIXPRO uses the Cologne-based infrastructure provider gridscale for its individual projects as part of its high-availability solution. It offers virtual servers in the cloud which, thanks to the architecture developed by gridscale, are able to map any complexity of an infrastructure. The servers are provided in real time and are billed according to actual use. These two features are particularly important for shop hosting. With gridscale it is uncomplicated to start up additional servers at any time within seconds.

But the opposite is also possible: IT resources that are no longer needed can be switched off to save costs. This is particularly important for individual projects. They often do not have a particularly large base load, but depending on events or deadlines they have to cope with sometimes enormous performance peaks. One example is the web shop of a well-known German rapper who offers street and club wear there. Here there are performance peaks whenever his social media accounts announce new products. Another example is the web shop of a large fitness chain that sells its monthly and annual tickets via the Internet. At the end of the month in particular, there is a great rush to the shop.


Some of AIXPRO’s solutions are Managed Services, where the user is offered a complete solution that largely limits his own administration effort to the preparation of the individual product pages. However, some customers want to configure their infrastructure themselves, create their own servers and boot up. Both are possible with the rights system of gridscale’s multi-client-capable partner solution.

Companies that offer infrastructure services and thus become cloud providers themselves – be it internally as a group service provider or externally in the free market – can set their own prices and offer additional services. The solutions give the reseller full access to all possibilities of gridscale’s virtual data center. Using MPLS networks it is possible to link different projects and locations.

With the White-Label solution it is also possible to map the corporate identity of the company in the user interface. The end customer of a reseller thus uses the cloud infrastructure of his contractual partner from his point of view. By using gridscale, AIXPRO offers its customers an easy-to-use and clear user interface for administration.

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