Managed WordPress Hosting powered by HostPress

hosted on the infrastructure of gridscale

Managed WordPress Hosting

HostPress takes care of all the things that would cost you the trouble of hosting your own website: Server configuration, performance optimization, backups, firewall or malware protection. This ensures stability, making 80 million hits per day possible

Managed WordPress Hosting powered by HostPress

Highest performance and security

Based on enterprise hardware, HTTP/2, PHP7 and NGINX, the performance of HostPress WordPress hosting is up to 4x higher than with a standard installation. Anti-spam, malware scanning, SSL, firewall and backups are further features that HostPress keeps an eye on for you.

Hosted on gridscale

HostPress takes care of the support and advice for your WordPress setup - fast & secure is the motto here. With gridscale, HostPress - and therefore you - accesses an extremely high-performing and secure server infrastructure. This ensures the technical success of your website.

There for you

The HostPress & gridscale platform has been designed to make it easy and intuitive for you to find your way around. Additionally you get access to tutorials & videos. If you still have questions, you will quickly get support at eye level.

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