Flexible cloud infrastructure with hotplug support

Imagine you could adjust CPU, RAM and storage at any time during operation…

Flexible infrastructure

Flexible infrastructure

Freely define CPU-Cores, RAM and SSD-Storages for every cloud server to reduce your operating costs. Exactly match your infrastructure to your needs.

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CPU & RAM hotplug

CPU & RAM hotplug

With our innovative hot-plug technology, you can increase the resources of your servers at any time during operation. You do not need to shut down the server or risk interrupting service. Scaling without downtime at the push of a button - that's gridscale.

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Other exciting features

Scale on demand

We always keep enough spare resources so you can upscale your cloud servers in realtime based on your requirements. This makes every project a success.

ISO images

If you miss an ISO image, we can provide it to you within seconds thanks to our innovative Smart-ISO technology. We only need name and URL of the ISO image. Everything else, we take care of. No more FTP uploads with constant connection drops!

Free choice of your operating system

The gridscale infrastructure is purpose built to guarantee a fast operation of all modern operating systems. Even older appliances or operating systems might be supported by using our “legacy mode”. We offer and maintain a set of pre-build operating system templates that you can choose from when creating a storage.

Unlimited IPv6 traffic

We are convinced that IPv6 is the feature. Therefore, IPv6 traffic is completely free. Also, we only bill outgoing IPv4 traffic above 2 TB per user and month, incoming IPv4 traffic is completely free.


Within milliseconds, we save the current state of all data on your storage. You can reset the storage to this state at any time, or use this snapshot as a template for your next cloud server.


In order to build high availability systems, you require IP addresses that can freely be moved between your cloud servers – without any API interaction. Simply tag an IP address as “failover IP” and configure keepalived to failover that IP between your cloud servers.