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vom 10.10.2018

Crisp Vendor Universe 2018 evaluates vendors on cloud market

 | Author / Editor: Dirk Srocke / Florian Karlstetter

Crisp Vendor Universe 2018 reveals the strengths and weaknesses of 121 technology and service offerings for the cloud. The report thus provides a decision-making basis for IT managers who want to implement digital architecture landscapes.

The third edition of the Crisp Vendor Universe is intended to provide an up-to-date market overview of relevant technologies and service providers. For this purpose, the analysts from Crisp Research (Crisp) looked at five market segments and examined and classified a total of 121 offers from 108 providers. In the end, 48 market participants qualified as "Accelerators" and are therefore considered leaders in service value creation and vendor performance for Crisp.

In order to be considered, the companies first had to demonstrate a German establishment or active partnerships and an availability of their offer. Further concrete selection criteria followed, depending on the category.

Crisp Research has investigated the following market segments...

Cloud Platforms - IaaS & PaaS

In IaaS/PaaS, 21 providers have made it onto the shortlist of the quadrant. Amazon Web Services has taken on the role of market leader. Crisp justifies this in particular with the size of its customers and projects as well as its comprehensive portfolio. Good support and the recent partnership with VMware increasingly favored the relevance in large companies.

Nevertheless, the Google Cloud Platform proves that the balance of power at the top can still shift. With an excellent feel for new platform services and a finally existing enterprise strategy, Google is among the winners of the past months. Google could thus also become dangerous for Microsoft Azure, which has been placed second so far.

ProfitBricks GmbH is also among the "Top 5 Cloud Infrastructures". Its managing director Achim Weiss comments: "The renewed award as 'Accelerator' for IaaS and PaaS makes our team in Berlin particularly proud. This speaks for the constant hard work of our growing company. ProfitBricks is the only German cloud computing provider with its own virtualization system. The second consecutive award further motivates us to be able to offer the right cloud for all typical industry workloads from e-commerce to Internet of Things.

Cloud Security Management Platforms

Crisp describes the market for cloud security management services as very extensive: "In addition to well-known providers of classic security services, focused cloud security players also cavorted here.

Palo Alto Networks is currently the leading provider of solutions for securing infrastructures, virtual machines and applications across private and public clouds. The analysts also rate the close partnership and integration into the leading public clouds of AWS, Google and Microsoft as an essential plus point.

The same is true for Barracuda; Check Point and Cisco finally completed the circle of the management group.

Managed Kubernetes & Container Services

Crisp lists GiantSwarm as the leading provider of Managed Cubernetes Services. The provider's team has shown strong growth since 2014 and, with its community work and portfolio approach, is the "thought leader in container and cubernetes" in Germany.

Red Hat is also one of the top providers positioning itself in the container and cubernetes environment. With a high concentration on its own OpenShift platform, Red Hat has made an important contribution to the container technology in Germany picking up speed. Pivotal, with its own Kubernetes service based on cloud foundry, also offers a container platform in demand.

Managed Public Cloud Provider

Compared to previous years, the Managed Public Cloud Provider group is significantly smaller because it now consists of more focused service providers.

The field is led by the Finnish managed cloud provider Nordcloud. Crisp confirms that the provider has performed particularly well over the past few months. The company has been able to establish itself strongly on the German market.

Uli Baur, Country Manager Nordcloud DACH, confirms: "We are proud that Nordcloud has developed into one of the leading Managed Public Cloud Services shortly after entering the German market. Cloud computing has gained in relevance across all industries as a result of the advancing digital transformation, but only a few companies have the specialist staff and know-how to master the structural changes alone. Service providers like Nordcloud are helping companies accelerate their business processes and stay competitive in the future with cloud solutions."

Meanwhile, the Reply Group has again been able to confirm that it is one of the most important conglomerates for Managed Public Cloud Services, praises Crisp. With numerous subsidiaries, Reply has a particularly broad spectrum of experience in public cloud services.

Thomas Hartmann, CEO of Reply AG, comments: "Building and operating public cloud infrastructures requires a comprehensive set of skills and a profound understanding of IT and cloud architectures. We owe our renewed title as the leading Managed Public Cloud Provider in Germany to our particularly broad spectrum of experience in the field of public clouds. Our customers thus benefit from our expertise in setting up, operating and continuously optimizing cloud infrastructures - from highly scalable web platforms to extensive enterprise application clusters".

Claranet, too, has been able to increase its presence and competence significantly in the last few months.

Managed Hybrid Cloud Provider

The segment is similar to that of managed public cloud providers, as service providers take over the operation of applications and entire IT architectures on platforms of the major cloud hyperscalers. In addition, such providers have their own infrastructures or actively incorporate existing (private cloud) infrastructures from companies into the architecture.

Rudolf Hotter, COO of CANCOM, a provider listed among the Top 5 Accelerators, describes the field of activity: "As a Leading Digital Transformation Partner, we orchestrate a wide variety of topics within the complex IT and cloud landscape - from data protection and user administration to lifecycle management. In this way, our customers receive a hybrid overall solution and end-to-end services for coping with them."

This year, however, Accenture is taking first place in the segment. With its global network of cloud experts recruited from different units within the company, the company is proving its extensive cloud expertise at enterprise level. Next in line are T-Systems, IBM and DXC.

Further information on the Crisp Vendor Universe can be obtained directly from Crisp Research

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