Maximum performance and reliability: gridscale expands its Public Cloud Service with geo-redundant Multi Data Center operation

vom 27.11.2019

Cologne, November 27, 2019 – gridscale, the Cologne-based provider of innovative IaaS and PaaS solutions, is expanding its service with “Multi-Locations” to include parallel cloud setups in various data centers and availability zones. The goal is maximum performance and reliability of the gridscale cloud infrastructure. This particularly addresses the requirements of highly frequented online shops and business-critical enterprise applications, even in exceptional situations like natural disasters.

From the customer's point of view, the configuration and administration of geo-redundancy is accomplished easily. Integrated into the management interface of gridscale’s public cloud platform, any cloud resource can be set up within several different data center locations with just a few mouse clicks. This simple process allows complex high availability and failover solutions to be implemented quickly and easily.

"Digital projects are more and more often operated on dynamic and redundant cloud infrastructures with synchronous data storage – no matter if in eCommerce, enterprise IT, SaaS applications, edge computing or IoT," says Felix Kronlage-Dammers, COO of gridscale. "The new multi-location options on our cloud platform make geographically distributed data replications and multi-level backup scenarios as well as complex business continuity and disaster recovery concepts particularly cost-effective and easy to implement.”

The availability zones of the gridscale cloud platform exclusively refer to data center resources that meet both, the strict requirements of ISO 27001 certification and the high security standard TIER 3. Depending on the primary geographical user access to the operated applications, latencies in data access are also minimized and response times are accelerated by selecting the best possible data center location.

Customers can book all cloud infrastructures in the respective data centers and locations individually scaled according to CPU performance, memory capacities and other technical parameters or even differentiated for individual projects. There is no additional fee charged for the provision of cloud resources at a dedicated location. The service units are billed only on the basis of actual usage, so that temporary staging processes or short-term test instances and clones can be used cost-effectively for just a few hours.

About gridscale

gridscale GmbH, headquartered in Cologne, develops innovative IaaS and PaaS since 2014 to operate powerful cloud infrastructures for end customers and resellers. They can choose between a variety of IaaS components (e.g. distributed storage solutions, load balancers and virtual servers) and complementary PaaS elements (e.g. automatically scaling databases and IoT components). In this way, gridscale Public Cloud forms the central IT platform for sophisticated cloud scenarios and for the implementation of very different digital projects - from dynamically scaling web shops to complex SaaS or enterprise IT solutions. gridscale was founded by Henrik Hasenkamp, Michael Balser and Torsten Urbas. Crisp Research awarded the company as one of the innovators in cloud computing.

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