gridscale launches its updated Reseller Partner Panel

vom 12.12.2019

Cologne, Germany, December 12, 2019 – gridscale, the Cologne-based provider of innovative IaaS and PaaS solutions, now offers its partners a newly designed user interface. It was developed especially for the needs of IT systems integrators, agencies and other resellers of the gridscale cloud infrastructure.

The intuitive user interface offers partner companies an extremely simple and transparent administration of their clients and tenants as well as a customer-oriented management of their entire cloud business.

The updated Partner Panel is highly relevant e.g. for managed service providers and agencies. They can apply it, amongst others, to their eCommerce offerings and other customer-facing IT services that require a highly functional and reliable cloud platform. Another use case for the new panel is bigger corporations that want to easily manage separate organizational units on one single cloud platform.
gridscale Partner Panel

Intuitive usage without extensive training

COO, Felix Kronlage-Dammers, considers the updated panel to be an important step in defining the gridscale public cloud as an attractive and easy-to-use alternative to the well-known global cloud computing services: "Our mission is to provide our partners and their customers with fast, reliable and secure solutions with an intuitive interface. This applies both to the actual configuration of the technical cloud infrastructure and to the administration of the respective customers and clients on the platform".

Everything that matters at a glance and under control

For the operator of a cloud infrastructure, there are several things of particular importance: the definition of usage options and access rights plus the price calculation for end customers as well as the transparent monitoring and control of economic indicators. The Partner Panel dashboard can easily be customized and provides cloud operators with a quick overview of their own business development and the cloud resources already consumed.

Moreover, end customers can be displayed according to their turnover and a specification of preferred clients allows quick access to current projects. Pricing templates, scope of services and technical features can be easily set for each individual end customer. Invoicing is seamlessly integrated into accounting processes.

Autonomous cloud provider through white-label options

IT systems integrators, managed service providers and agencies can use the gridscale partner option in two ways. In addition to the standard reseller model with a uniform user interface for end customers, gridscale also offers a white label option. Hundreds of system houses, agencies and managed service providers are already utilizing the gridscale white label option and are operating as stand-alone cloud providers.

The design of the gridscale platform is individually adapted to the respective corporate identities. "The handling of the gridscale cloud infrastructure is very easy for both resellers and end customers and requires no specific training", says Felix Kronlage-Dammers, explaining the advantage of the new interface. "It's important to us that our platforms do not require studied IT experts or specific training.”

About gridscale:
gridscale GmbH, headquartered in Cologne, develops innovative IaaS and PaaS since 2014 to operate powerful cloud infrastructures for end customers and resellers. They can choose between a variety of IaaS components (e.g. distributed storage solutions, load balancers and virtual servers) and complementary PaaS elements (e.g. automatically scaling databases and IoT components). In this way, gridscale Public Cloud forms the central IT platform for sophisticated cloud scenarios and for the implementation of very different digital projects - from dynamically scaling web shops to complex SaaS or enterprise IT solutions. gridscale was founded by Henrik Hasenkamp, Michael Balser and Torsten Urbas. Crisp Research awarded the company as one of the innovators in cloud computing.

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