Fact sheet

Stand: June 2021

gridscale fact sheet


  • BillingPay-Per-Use (per minute)
  • Free Try & BuyYes
  • Technical requirementNone
  • Organizational requirementNone
  • Setup/AdministrationIntuitive GUI ( Easy / Expert Panel) or open RESTful API or CLI
  • ScalabilityLoad Balancing, Live scaling, Peak balancing, Auto scaling
  • Onboarding/MigrationSupport by gridscale transition team
  • Reseller capabilityPartner programs & white label options
  • ProvisioningAutomated provisioning in real time


  • Storage1 GB – 1 PETABYTE
  • Snapshots20 per storage, 100 per contract
  • RAM per VM1 GB – 730 GB
  • CPU-Kerne pro VM1 CPU – 64 CPUs
  • Private connectionPrivate CompanyConnect
  • AutomationForeman Provider, Terraform Provider, Kubernetes, Ruby Fog Gem, Go SDK, Python SDK, Node Lib
  • Platform ServicesRelational databases, Key Value Stores, Load Balancer
  • Other ServicesSnapshots, Firewall, Managed Kubernetes
  • NetworkIPv4 & IPv6, Multi Carrier Connectivity
  • BackupBackups, Snapshots, Archiving in Object Storage


  • VirtualizationBare-Metal Virtualization ( KVM Hypervisor)
  • EncryptionEncryption at Rest, TSL / SSL
  • Client separationAt hypervisor, storage and network level
  • PortabilityAPI Documentation, No vendor lock-in, Support for data take-out, Terraform provider
  • Storage technologyDistributed SSD Storage in 3 storage classes, Rocket Storage, Object Storage
  • Enterprise hardware fromHPE, Super Micro, Samsung, Intel, Juniper, Cisco


  • Data centersFrankfurt, Germany (NTT Global Data Centers), Lucerne, Switzerland (hosttech)
  • ClassificationTIER III
  • Connectionvia DE-CIX Direct Access and Multi-Carrier-Connect
  • Data center certificationISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISO 50001, ISO 22301, ISO 20001
  • Geo redundancyMulti-DC operation, different availability zones (Multi Location)
  • Data protectionConformity with DSGVO/GDPR and strict compliance requirements
  • Data securityBuilt-in Firewalls, Secure Private Networks, Identity Access Management, 2-factor authentication, Encryption at Rest
  • ReliabilityRelease Management, Cross-system redundancy concepts
  • CertificationISO 27001, ISO 27018, gridscale Trusted Cloud Certification by the BMWi


  • SLA Availability commitment100%
  • Maximum Allowed downtimeNone
  • Service times24/7 failure, 10/5 customer service
  • Reaction timeMax. 15 minutes (critical fault)
  • SupportPersonal contact, Smartguide, Video tutorials, How-tos, Release notes, Documentation
  • Contract periodNone
  • Term of CancellationNone. Can be cancelled at any time effective immediately
  • IT Service ManagementEstablished processes (SOPs), ITIL Certified
  • Auditing At any time by customer or third party
  • Exit/Data repatriationContractually Binding
  • JurisdictionGerman contract law, place of jurisdiction Cologne
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