FAQ - PaaS

How do your platform services work?

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Take a look at our Getting started with PaaS tutorial, because here we explain step by step how everything works.

Will you offer more platform services in the future?

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Yes – We will continue to expand our platform services. In the course of this year we will release more useful and helpful platform services for you.

Who takes care of patch management?

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Platform services from gridscale are subject to consistent quality and security control. Important security updates are installed automatically, whereas updates of functions (e.g. major updates) can be installed flexibly by the user on a date specified by him.

How flexible are your platform services?

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gridscale’s platform services adapt flexibly to your requirements. They grow and shrink automatically if desired, so that the right resources are always available for you.

Are further actions planned, if so which?

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Yes, we are constantly working on our Cloud Automation Service. The feedback and ideas of our customers set the direction and will soon produce new triggers, filters and actions. This will give you direct access to our API and allow you to create, start or scale servers automatically!

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