FAQ - Load Balancer & Firewall

How does your load balancer work?

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Everything you need to know about the configuration and functions of our Load Balancer can be found in the tutorial Getting started with the gridscale Load Balancer.

Can I connect external target servers to your load balancer?

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Yes, in our Cloud Load Balancer you can connect external servers as well as gridscale cloud servers. For example, if you want to integrate a local or external server, you can do this directly in our gridscale panel.

Can I control the load balancer via the RESTful API?

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Like all gridscale products, you can also control and configure our load balancer directly via our RESTful API. Automatically integrate new servers that you have just started.

Do you have a default firewall enabled?

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No, by default, no firewall is enabled on your cloud servers. You can secure your cloud servers with our cloud firewall or configure the Linux or Windows firewall directly on your server for further configuration.

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