FAQ - General Help

How can I delete servers, storage or networks?

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Click on the item you want to delete and drag&drop it to the trash can that appears as soon as you click on it.

How do I request or delete IP addresses?

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Often you delete a virtual server from other providers and lose access to your IP addresses at the same time. We have decided to separate these two objects so that you have the greatest possible flexibility. You can manage your IP addresses in the panel under “IP Manager”.

How do i connect to my Server?

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For daily use and best performance, connect to your cloud server via SSH client (Linux, Mac) to establish a remote terminal connection. Under Windows, a third-party application such as PuTTY must be installed, since no build-in SSH command is available. For Windows machines, use Windows Remote Desktop/RDP.

Additionally, we offer you VNC access directly from your panel. Via VNC you have access to the server’s hardware console to install, configure and restore your server. The VNC console is intended more as an emergency rescue console.

I don’t see my preferred operating system listed… Can i upload my own ISO?

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Yes, if you enter a URL in our Smart ISO feature, we will download the corresponding ISO image for you and make it available in your account. You can find the Smart-ISO feature in the panel menu under “Templates & ISO”.

Are my servers assigned to a physical host system?

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No. Your servers are optimally distributed in the cluster according to load and to ensure the best possible redundancy. Permanently running pro-active algorithms optimize the cluster and the servers running on it without impairment for you.

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