FAQ - Feedback

Do you have an adapted order data processing as PDF, which we can sign mutually?

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Yes, you can download the PDF from mygs.io/ADV. (german version)

Tell us how you like gridscale!

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We appreciate feedback of any kind: praise, criticism, suggestions, tips.

Our product team will be happy to listen to you to make gridscale even better for you.
What does gridscale not yet fit as well as it would be helpful for you? Or is there something that would have helped you to choose gridscale?

You can leave your feedback directly via our feedback form or send it to marketing@gridscale.io / team@gridscale.io

Thanks in advance – your gridscale team

Can I request a new feature?

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Yes, we are always looking forward to new exciting tasks on our roadmap to further improve your gridscale experience. Just let us know what you need at gridscale.

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