FAQ - Cloud Automation

Can I scale dynamically and load-dependently for my cloud servers?

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Yes – with gridscale Cloud Automation you can automate your cloud individually and flexibly. At the moment we are working on the expansion of cloud automation sensors for you. Soon you will be able to use other metrics like utilization and requests like “Scale-Up”. All this will come later this year. Our list of new features for you is very long. Stay tuned!

How is the Cloud Automation Service calculated?

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Like all our products, you only pay for cloud automation if you use it. So there are no costs for you if Cloud Automation is not active.
Cloud automation consists of two components.
1. events that enter and are processed from your infrastructure into Cloud Automation.
2. actions that are executed based on a defined task, e.g. sending an e-mail.
You pay 0,01€ for each incoming event and for the respective action only if they are executed. Slack webhooks, HTTP requests and e-mails are free. Therefore, only the incoming events are currently calculated

Are further actions planned, if so which?

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Yes, we are constantly working on our Cloud Automation Service. The feedback and ideas of our customers set the direction and will soon produce new triggers, filters and actions. This will give you direct access to our API and allow you to create, start or scale servers automatically!

How do I activate the Cloud Automation Service?

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You can activate and configure our Cloud Automation Service directly in the panel at https://my.gridscale.io/Expert/CAS You can start right after activation.

What actions can I perform with the Cloud Automation Service?

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Currently you have three actions to choose from: Slack webhooks, HTTP requests and e-mails.
Slack webhooks allow you to automate slack messages. So you can define slack messages and e.g. inform yourself or your team when snapshots have been taken.
HTTP requests allow you to send events in your infrastructure to any application using HTTP requests. You can access dashboards, logging services or your own applications directly via our cloud automation.
You can also have text or HTML emails sent to you when the configured event is triggered in your infrastructure.

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