FAQ - Billing

Do you charge for stopped instances?

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Costs for your server itself (CPU + RAM) only arise when the server is switched on.

In general, you pay for all resources that you are actively using and that we cannot rent to anyone else during this time. For storage and reserved IPv4 addresses you will therefore incur costs even if the server is switched off. Requested IPv4 addresses must be deleted in the panel under IP Manager so that no further costs arise. You can delete the storage directly.

How much does IPv4 traffic cost?

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Incoming IPv4 traffic is free of charge. Why? First and foremost, we only want to calculate the resources you use. However, incoming traffic often also contains traffic that you don’t want to have. Then why should we charge it?
For outgoing traffic, the first 2TB per month and customer are guaranteed free. However, since outgoing traffic via our high-quality upstream providers is expensive, we would like to make it possible for us to charge 5 cents per GB for further traffic starting at 2TB per month and customer if consumption is particularly high.
Don’t worry about it. We will inform you before a calculation in any case. At gridscale there are no surprises.

Is network traffic in private networks also calculated?

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No. Like in real data centers, we don’t charge you for internal traffic.

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