Becoming a cloud provider with gridscale's white label solution: gridscale delivers the cloud infrastructure for KOMSA

Information and Communications Technology
Products used:
  • Partner Panel
  • VM cluster
  • Snapshots
  • Load Balancer
  • PaaS / Automat
Systems running on gridscale:
  • Shopware

KOMSA is one of the leading service providers for “Information and Communication Technology (ICT)”. Founded in 1992 in Hartmannsdorf, Saxony, KOMSA today operates in the core areas of distribution, business processes, services, repair service and support in Europe. As a partner of all well-known manufacturers and network operators in the ICT industry, KOMSA offers its trading partners products and solutions from one hand, its industrial partners channel-specific sales of their goods and the acquisition of associated services. The KOMSA Group is one of the 200 largest family-operated companies in Germany. The founder of the KOMSA Group, Dr.-Ing. Gunnar Grosse, transferred his shares to DEROSSI Invest, which is now the main shareholder of the KOMSA Group.

  • Revenues in fiscal 2016/2017 exceeded €1.2 billion
  • 1,800 employees from 17 nations
  • Over 4 MIO. Packages in fiscal 2016/2017
  • 20,000 trading partners in Europe
  • Over 250 industrial partners

Infrastructure-as-a-Service is becoming increasingly important for our trading partners and their customers. gridscale is an ideal partner for us, enabling us to offer system houses customized and easy-to-use solutions. In addition, gridscale is backed by an innovative team that puts its heart and soul into advancing the topic of infrastructure-as-a-service and implementing solutions with us.

Thomas Heidbreder, Team Manager Managed Cloud Services, KOMSA

The aspiration of KOMSA Cloud Services is always to provide its KOMSA system partners with the optimum solution. Since the cloud market has gained enormous importance and system partners have also recognized the advantages of cloud solutions, KOMSA had to decide whether they should develop an in-house IaaS solution or fall back on an external solution. On the one hand, it was important for KOMSA that the solution used has a high degree of innovation, so that e.g. real-time applications of its system partners benefit from the highest possible availability. On the other hand, the factor of a German location and data centers was also relevant, especially with regard to the future Data Protection Ordinance (EU DSGVO). In addition, the solution should be client-compatible and quick to deploy. A simple setup of virtual machines and administrability were important in order to help their partners move “into the cloud” in the most efficient way.


In the make or buy analysis, KOMSA decided on an external solution and evaluated several potential partners with their solutions. During this process they discovered that none of the solutions already known on the market offers an integrated concept for system houses and could meet the high requirements of KOMSA Cloud Services. With the exception of gridscale. gridscale with its partner panel offers a ready-to-use and customized solution for system houses. “With gridscale’s Partner Panel we and our system partners have the possibility to manage many customers and infrastructure projects very well structured and transparent. This allows us to determine what access rights and feature approvals are granted to customers and what prices we charge for the cloud services. We have chosen gridscale’s ‘White Label’ solution, which means that we can position the cloud offering as ‘KOMSA Cloud’. Our system partners are already enthusiastic about the offer. The combination of gridscale’s solution and our consulting services makes it much easier for them to cover ‘the Cloud’ in customer meetings,” says Thomas Heidbreder, Team Manager Cloud Services. “In addition, I consider it very beneficial that the flexibility of the platform – i.e. minute-based billing per resource – allows customers to test without concerns. This is helpful, for example, if the company’s cloud strategy is not yet fully developed and the first points of contact with an IaaS solution are to be created.

Why gridscale?

The administration possibilities and services of gridscale´s solution are the basis for various business models. We are able to provide fully managed services and also offer pure IaaS and platform services to our partners. We have very large degrees of freedom here and can rely on gridscale’s support at any time. In this way we can offer our partners and their end customers reliable and integrated solutions in the area of UCaaS.

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