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Datum: 12.12.2019

gridscale Partner PanelDuring the last months we have been working intensively on the new version of our Partner Panel. In the following we would like to give you a short overview of the new features and their functionalities.

The Partner Panel is aimed at managed service providers and resellers who address their respective end customers on the basis of our white or grey label solutions and serve them with powerful public cloud offerings. The new features and an even more intuitive GUI are suitable both for eCommerce offerings and for IT services, making them a much more flexible and easy-to-use alternative to global cloud computing services.

Our COO Felix Kronlage sums up our goal for the revision as follows: “Our mission is to provide our partners and their customers with fast, reliable and secure solutions with an intuitive interface. This applies both to the actual configuration of the technical cloud infrastructure and to the administration of the respective customers and clients on the platform”.

This results in the key features of our partner panel: intuitive user interface and professional management of the cloud business.

Customized to your needs

Many of the adjustments and new features in our Partner Panel have the same goal: We want to make our system as flexible, individual and secure as possible without increasing the complexity of the product.

Individual Dashboards

The dashboard is the central component and first point of contact for our partners. Clarity with parallel high data density are the most important requirements here. The dashboard can roughly be divided into two parts: The overview and the access to the individual clients and an overview of the most important KPIs related to costs and resources.

gridscale Partner Panel DashboardThe Partner Panel Dashboard provides an overview of last month’s sales developments including the delta from EK/VK. Divided into three tiles, you can see the clients with the highest turnover incl. tendency, the clients with the highest use of resources in the current month, as well as the last invoices. Of course, this area can be individually adapted so that information of the favoured client is displayed directly on the dashboard.

Individual settings: Features & Prices

Of course, individualization does not stop with the dashboard. Partners can make many specific settings at the client level: defining usage options, access rights, resource usage, and calculated prices and price templates. But more about this in detail later.

gridscale Partner Panel PreiseOne of the most important features are our price templates. As already explained in our webinar, partners can create fixed price templates and assign them to their end customers. The basic price can thus be individually adjusted, for example, to your support scope (keyword: 24*7 support). Here, too, we go one step further, because despite the assigned price template, individual services, such as the price per CPU, can be changed for each customer.

A particularly practical feature here is our Partner Panel discount calculator, which accesses the price templates directly via a controller and enables you to give a 20% discount on everything with just one click, for example.

Not only the prices can be arranged absolutely flexible, also the resource limits per client, so that you always keep the control here. Should your customer only have 16 cores per server instead of the default 32 cores? No problem, you can adjust the limit for single, some or all clients.

In addition to customizing prices and resources, many of our features are globally configurable at end customer level. By default, all functions are enabled here, but can also be individually adapted to the client. Examples for such features are Object Storage, ISO Images, Marketplace Templates, 1-Click Apps and much more.

Multi-Location as a Feature

Our Multi-Location feature is now also available in the new Partner Panel. Now that we have activated the feature in our end customer panel, our partners can also benefit from our two locations. Our partners can now simply use the panel to select the location for their project. With the FRA1 and FRA2 locations, the gridscale cloud is even more secure against local events such as power failures or natural disasters and thus even better protected against outages.

Easy & fast to the best result

Direct access to top customers and projects

gridscale Partner Panel MandantenBesides the above mentioned dashboard customizations for your customers there are other ways for you to work more effectively with the Partner Panel.

So we have made the user and role distribution extremely easy. When creating a customer or a project, the central roles, e.g. the owner, can be created directly. Afterwards you can easily add or delete users with different rights (Read, Write).

For you as our partner, we now also offer a simple yet secure form of registration via SSO implementation. Here you can link your Identity Provider with us as Service Provider and access the Partner Panel with your central login or simply deprovision users.

Integration of invoicing

The Partner Panel has also made some progress in the area of billing. With our Billing-API you can now seamlessly integrate our invoicing into your accounting. In addition, you can of course export invoices for your customers as PDF, CSV and Reporting CSV. The invoices provide detailed information about the costs incurred by the customer and the resources used.

Partners at eye level

With the new gridscale Partner Panel we make your work even easier and enable you to act as an independent cloud provider for your customers with our white-label option. With the relaunch of the Partner Panel we applied the principles of security, individuality and functionality to all areas: from dashboard to customer administration to billing. We wish you a lot of fun with the revised Partner Panel of gridscale.

Nicolas Tuschen

Nicolas Tuschen | Senior Online Marketing Manager
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