News from the machine room – May 2019

Datum: 17.06.2019

News from the machine roomIn the last issue of News from the Engine Room we gave an outlook on our roadmap for 2019. This month I want to devote myself more to the aspects that have happened in our product and platform area in recent weeks.

By switching to our new identity and access model at the beginning of the year, we have created the basis for extensions in the area of registration on our platform.

Single Sign-On

We have implemented Single-Sign On for our platform using the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML).

For those who haven’t yet dealt with SAML in detail, we recommend the following blog post from Univention as an introduction to the topic.

As a first step, we now make it possible to activate the partner SAML for their clients. The users of the clients can then either log on to our platform via Google SSO or the partner can deposit their own Identity Provider (IdP), by means of which the users can then be authenticated.

Third availability zone activated

Already a few weeks ago we activated a third availability zone. When providing IaaS components, our customers can now select a third availability zone. This is particularly relevant and exciting for certain quorum scenarios.


Terraform Provider

Some of you already had to do with our Terraform Provider provider in the preview phase – the preview phase has recently been completed and the official terraform provider is ready.
Terraform is the de-facto standard to implement the paradigm Infrastructure as Code. All technical information about the provider can be found in the Infrastructure-as-Code with Terraform.

Windows 2019 Template

Last week we unlocked our Windows 2019 template. Besides Windows 2012r2 and 2016 you now have the possibility to run Windows 2019 on our platform. Windows 2019 will be billed as transparent and customer friendly as the other versions.

Platform Services in a new guise

The redesign of the user experience of our Platform Services was completed in April and presented in a separate blog post.

In addition to all the technical topics, there is another great news in our product section. Our colleague Marc Harriss, previously with us Entrepreneur-in-Resistance, strengthens us in product development as Product Owner.

Felix Kronlage

Felix Kronlage | COO
As COO Felix is the central point around our products and is responsible that our customers get not only a good but an excellent product. In this role he coordinates between the individual teams and is always at the pulse of time at gridscale.

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