News from the Machine Room – June 2021

Datum: 13.07.2021

gridscale News from the Machine Room

Greetings once again from the gridscale Machine Room! We hope you’re looking forward to diving a bit deeper into everything that’s been going on at gridscale over the previous month.

GPU Compute

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with GTS – Data Processing. With GTS we can offer gridscale customers and partners GPU Compute over the network. This allows you to run several compute-intensive workloads, like machine learning and data processing. This offering is currently available upon request. If interested, feel free to contact us.

Product Documentation

We have expanded our recently announced gridscale Product Documentation. The documentation is intended to be the central knowledge base  for all features and functionalities of our products..

We’ve included examples for Object Storage commands. Extensions were added to the Marketplace, gridscale Kubernetes, and to the Microsoft SQL Server PaaS sections.

We plan on expanding the documentation even further and linking it to the Panels where appropriate. The next milestone will be to offer a whitelabel option for our Reselling  Partners.

GSK – Managed Kubernetes

You can now scale your worker nodes vertically via the edit dialogue in the Expert Panel. Within the Product Documentation we’ve added some more insights to scaling and information on the upgrade process.

As announced in the previous News From the Machine Room we will start deprecating versions 1.16 through 1.18. The planned depreciation schedule is as follows:

  • 1.16 – 26th July 2021
  • 1.17 – 9th August 2021
  • 1.18 – 23rd August 2021

Object Storage

In the recently revised Object Storage interface, you can now specify the lifetime of incomplete multipart uploads within a lifecycle policy. This helps you manage leftover incomplete uploads.

New Object Storage Access Keys can now be named using the name field. This allows you to keep track of which keys are used and where. Keep in mind that pre-existing Access Keys cannot be edited.

Status Page

We streamlined the product names and subscription options on our status page. We are now consistently using the same product names everywhere. We also added  our Swiss location ZRH1. If you have subscribed for incident notifications, please do check if they are still up-to-date.


We updated the Microsoft SQL Server Object Storage backup integration. You can now configure if backups should stay on the local PaaS disk, and for how long. We’ve improved the Microsoft SQL Server backups, allowing you to copy backups, rotate backups from local disks, improved backup resiliency, among many other fixes. Read more about backups within our Product Documentation.

Partner Panel and API

We’ve renamed Pricing Templates to Price Lists within the Panel.

As a Partner, working with the API can be a little different to how the Partner Panel works, so we have added the possibility to view Limit and Feature Flag UUIDs within the Panel.

We also plan on adding more smart functionality to the Partner API like auto detecting defaults during tenant creation in order to simplify workflows.


We’ve done some heavy tuning to optimize load balancer stability and performance.

We will also soon be integrating BYOC (bring your own certificate) into our Managed Kubernetes, which will mark a milestone of all Load Balancer functions being available within GSK.

VNC Console

We’ve refreshed the VNC Console with several new features across both Easy and Expert Panels. Along with UI/UX improvements and better keyboard detection, we’ve introduced a new toolbar menu along with a server information pane displaying helpful network details, and a PasteBox allowing you to paste text directly to the server console.

Software Ecosystem

gridscale’s in-house tools and libraries, intended to optimize and simplify workflows, saw several updates during the course of the previous month.

We’ve updated our JS-based API client, gsclient-js to v.1.1.7 including an updated API version and support for Object Storage Access Key comments.

gridscale’s Terraform Provider also saw an update to v1.11.0. New features include SSL Certificates, Microsoft SQL Server, MariaDB, MySQL, Memcached and Redis Store/Cache resources. We’ve added more upfront validations and added the `backup_retention` field to Microsoft SQL Server backup, as well as the host field to PaaS and PaaS-type resources. We’ve also fixed an issue with being unable to update Microsoft SQL Server backup parameters.

If you’re interested in reading the previous post in this series, click here.

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